Welcome to my office. I take time to listen to YOU, then we design a program to support your health goals.

Electro-Dermal Screening System and High Quality Supplements

iMRS PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields), Therapeutic Mat System with many amazing programs

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Mind and Body Integration, Disease Prevention & Healthy Regeneration

As a Naturopath, I love working with my clients to create a path to health, wellness & happiness. Using many modalities and a Total Mind/Body/Spirit Approach, I design a Wellness Plan individualized to your specific needs. Connecting with the miracles of Nature and celebrating who we are is key to our health and happiness.

Nancey C. Kinney, PhDc, Naturopath, CNC, MA Psych Our Inner Physician orchestrates billions of cellular functions daily. Our bodies are continually exposed to toxins, disruptive hormones, pesticides, preservatives, stress and more. So when our Inner Physician becomes over-burdened and needs help what do we do – how do we repair our miraculous system?

By using Natural Remedies, Preventative and Regenerative Health Programs I will discover the imbalances and provide guidance to regenerate your health. Some modalities we will use:

Quality supplements really matter. Most products have fillers and toxic ingredients. No Magnesium Stearate or Titanium Dioxide under Other Ingredients!  Natural supplements, amino acids, correcting imbalances and diet can make a critical difference in your mental health.

NHC'S WHOLE BODY WELLNESS PLAN: Foundational in rebuilding your body. Genetic Typing provides a foundational diet for optimal health. Food rules – this is critical.

THE IMRS (INTELLEGANT MAGNETIC RESONANCE STIMULATION, PEMF DEVICE) provides therapeutic healthy earth resonances to stabilize body systems. Also with iMORE biofeedback, iSLRS light and sound for balancing. The MIT (Magnetic Infrared Therapy Light) works with pain and balancing body energies as well.

SALIVA HORMONE TESTING is superior to blood tests. It evaluates only unused hormones not a combination of used and unused as in blood tests. Homeopathics are used to balance – no Bio-Identical hormones. We work with the whole body and don’t just replace hormones – all done naturally and safely! 

DETOX, PARASITE & CLEANSE PROGRAMS are critical in ALL aspects of health! (I don’t recommend colonics as they destroy valuable commensal cells – the cells that keep your cells vital). We cleanse with the natural flow of your body.

EFT, ERT & NEURO-EMOTIONAL REMEDIES: Depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, mentally exhausted or sad.… Release old stuck emotions.

SKIN CARE THAT – NON TOXIC: I am currently developing a safe skin care system, please ask me. Please, check out the skin care products you currently are using on www.ewg.org under cosmetics and skin care to evaluate the level of toxicity present in your products. The products are rated from 0 – 9, 9 being the most toxic. I would stay safe and stay in the 0 – 3 category and read the ingredients and comments to make your decisions.

MASSAGE THERAPY: Relaxing, physically rewarding, releases toxins and stored negative emotions. Raz Allen offers deep tissue, pregnancy and sports massage.Call Raz @ 254-9192


Natural supplements, amino acids, correcting imbalances and diet can make a critical difference in your mental health.

HEAVY METAL & MINERAL HAIR ANALYSIS (mercury, aluminum, lead) and Imbalanced Minerals are the cause of many physical, mental and emotional problems. Minerals are the “spark plugs” of your body.

GENETICALLY BASED WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM: Weight gain can be caused by Food Sensitivities, Blood Sugar, Hormones, Low Thyroid, Metabolism, Your Genetic Type, Stress, Adrenal exhaustion and fatigue, DNA Snps, Heavy Metals, Toxins and Lack of exercise.


Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS) & Kinesiology Screens meridian organ imbalances, supplement compatibility, food sensitivities, toxins, viruses, parasites, heavy metals and more.

My German Inergetix CoRe system evaluates physical, emotional, spiritual and informational systems energetically. Very informative and accurate.

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