Who is living longer?

The reports are that we are living longer.  Yes, the generation that ate as I did are living longer IF they continued to eat and drink healthily.  The reports are saying that the pre-prepared, fast food generation will not live as long.  This is sad – yet very understandable.  So now is the time to get our health back – now.

My father-in-law is 105 – always ate real food – no prepared foods, and drinks one glass of wine a night.  They lived by themselves until three years ago. My mother-in-law was 95 when she passed away.  Real food – that’s the key.

It is so much healthier and you eat less and have more vitamins, minerals and nutrients in your food.  And you feel better – what a concept.

Cooking can de-stress you and while the food is cooking you can do other things as well – like get the homework/housework started or sit and relax.  I vote for relaxing in whatever fashion you desire.

Shop at the local farmer’s markets where the veges and fruits have 300% more nutrients.  Buy grass fed meats – where the animals are honored and they eat what they are supposed to; not things to fatten them up and therefore they fatten us up as well.  Grass fed beef has more omega 3 than fish and no mercury.  www.texasgrassfedbeef.com  is a great source.  Look on the web, then call Ted to order.

So here are some examples of what to get OUT of your diet:

  • Lowfat or Lite anything:  Muffins, milk, ice cream.  Look at the calories, the carbs, substitutions, the sugar, the make believe sugar, the bleached flour.  When you eat the real food – as nature intended – it is burned more efficiently in your body.  Eat the real food.
  • Soy:  The only safe soy is fermented IF and only IF it is organic – not GMO. (genetically modified)  Soy is the most genetically modified product and therefore it is resistant to Roundup, and anything that is sprayed on it.  It cannot be washed away – you eat it.  Unfermented soy disables your main minerals, affects your thyroid and brain and more.  And it is estrogenic – no wonder most men don’t like it.
  • Energy Bars:  I know you are in a rush – that is why you are stressed, possibly have high blood pressure, and anxiety disorders.  Let’s add more empty calories.  Now there are a few bars that are not laden with soy or fake sugars, chemicals you cannot pronounce, or other allergic foods, but good luck in trying to find them, yet they should not be your mainstay each day.  Take along some nuts or a piece of fruit or some dried fruits not soaked in sulphur…
  • Caffeine:  There is much controversy around caffeine.  Green Tea is very beneficial, coffee can be in moderation if it is on your GenoType Diet.  The key is moderation as well.  A cup used to be 8 oz.  Now people order 16 or 24 ounces and Starbucks has more caffeine than most other kinds I know of.  Most decaf has problems due to the processing.
  • Sugar Substitutes:  No Agave – high fructose! Natural organic sugar is better! No aspartame, NutraSweet, Splenda, Sweet-n-Low, or other make believe sugars.  The safe ones are real Stevia – there is a new make- believe one on the market by another name – stay away.  Xylitol is great – it fights bacteria, is reported to boost your immune system, yet it should come from trees and not corn.  There they go messing with the original design again.  Many people are naturally allergic to corn anyway.  Another is Lo Han Sho that is safe and natural – not my favorite, but many love it.
  • Flavored, Enhanced Vitamin Waters:  Wow! What a concept.  Let’s drink imitation vitamins in water with color added.  We have been brainwashed.  How can this be good for you???
  • Grains – too many:  Gluten has been increased and enhanced in the grains reported to be anywhere from 2 – 5 times the normal amount.  Gluten/gliaden intolerance is up 30% just in the tests I am seeing.  You mess with your intestines and you are messing with your absorption, then you get leaky gut, then you get brain fog and overwhelm – and you wonder why.  You just don’t know – nobody tells us that they are looking out for us by altering our natural food supply.
  • Cereals:  Yes, I know your children and possibly you love the sugary cereals with milk.  How about rethinking the box and the formed and processed cereals inside.  Time for the garbage can!  Eat or make muesli or healthy raw oatmeal.  You can make almond milk easily as well – and muesli -see next topic.  And there are many options for breakfast.
  •  Milk:  It does a body good – or used to at least.  We purchased milk from our local dairy – whole raw milk.  Then homogenization and pasteurization came in.  My dad wasMAD.  Guess I take after him.  Do you know that if your own mother’s milk was pasteurized and homogenized that, as a baby, you would not thrive and possibly would die?  That is what happened when they did this experiment on baby cows.  The raw milk is a live vital food, just like mother’s milk and it has the good bacteria that will take care of any bad bacteria.  So if you do milk – and most people over three should NOT, then it should be RAW.  See making nut milks above.
  • Acid / Alkaline:  We need to be neutral.  Too much acid or alkaline equals sickness – just pick a disease.  When a swimming pool or fish tank is out of pH balance you see what happens – well it happens to you too.  So eat your veges – lots of them, a little fruit – berries are great, a little meat and fish, a little starch and ditch the sweets.  Cow’s milk and cow’s milk products are acid; goat’s milk and goat’s milk products (cheeses) are alkaline.  Time to switch – get goat cheeses instead.  Cheeses are fermented and safer than milk.
  • Bees:  a side issue.  With so many chemicals sprayed on our growing foods, the bees are ingesting this and it is making them sick and it is reported that there are less of them.  Then there are the cell towers.  If the growing fields are near the cell or electrical towers, the bees cannot find their way home – they get confused and lost.  If the bees go, what is going to pollinate our foods? – bees are a critical part is our living on this planet.
  • Processed Meats:  They have nitrates and tons of salt and some fillers.  They equal headaches, weight gain and frustration.  Best to cook a turkey and store it in the freezer and use real food instead.  Or any other cooked meat will do for a healthy sandwich with healthy bread or better yet, put it on a large salad.
  • Supplements:  About ½ the supplements that my clients bring in to test, test poorly.  Many contain magnesium stearate or titanium dioxide listed under “other ingredients”.  These make a biofilm in your intestines so you do not absorb your food. Not good…. Best to select natural whole food supplements, herbal, homeopathic formulations or healthy protein powders that are not so adulterated that they are detrimental.  I have great supplements in my office – researched over the past 15 years to help you balance your health.  AND soon they will be on my website.  A report out of UC Irvine, by Dr. Darryl See, Endocrinologist did a test on over 200 supplements and found over 97% toxic to some degree.

Eliminate Foods with High-Fructose corn syrup, deep fried foods, processed foods, additives, preservatives, food colorings, artificial flavorings, MSG, fat substitutes, chemicals in foods, and anything else that is not naturally grown or raised in a clean environment.

So, Eat: Whole Real, Fresh, Organic, Unprocessed Food.  Eat plenty of veges, some fruit – lots of color with both,  Foods with plenty of fiber, and foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids (free range meats and safe fish), clean water, alkaline/acid balanced foods for health AND relax more.