Natural Health Centre’s Shopping Programs

I offer an extensive array of products.  Some are only sold in my office or by calling in to reorder, but most are available to you by clicking the links below.  There are many more products than I can stock and this way you get the freshest products from controlled rooms and not shopping warehouses.

The products I have chosen do not have magnesium stearate or titanium dioxide under “other ingredients.”   These are cheap fillers and can cause digestive issues as reported by many sources. Most of your products purchased in the stores sadly have these ingredients.

On your first visit I will recommend products and we can set up a shopping account in my office.  You are also welcome to do this from your home.  Easy shopping, free shipping over $49.00 and delivery within about 1 – 2 days.  EASY and keeps you on track.

Here are the two websites to set up your account:

Simply create an account and login to order.

SHOP from HOME or Call my office to reorder:

From Wellevate: To Order

Over 150 high end product lines.  5% discount to my clients.  Some of my favorites are:

Companies and Product Name:

Allergy ResearchMany fine products

Bioclinic NaturalsPGX – Fiber

BioGenesisCogni Factors for memory / focus

Body BioSodium/Potassium Butyrate

DaVinci Spectra Greens Powder, Magnesium Citrate, L Glutamine, ParaShieldZinc

Douglas LabsBioflavonoid Complex, K2/D3 with Astaxanthin and more.

Energetix – sprageric homeopathic remedies. –Adrenapath, AdrenaTone, Spectramin liquid mins.

InnateVitamin C Powder – all natural.

Integrative TherapyLicorace

Metabolic MaintenanceL-Tyrosine, 5 HTP, Amino Acids

NeptuneKrill Oil

ProThera – Iodine

Protocol for Life PQQ

Pure EncapsulationsWomen’s and Men’s Multi Vitamins – 2 month supply, lithium, Pot/Mag, Thyroid, Inositol, Cortisol Calm


Results RNA – ACZ Nano Heavy Metals, ACS – silver

Trace Mineralsliquid minerals

Vital NutrientsBioflavonoids with Vit. C

So many more options – simply search and compare.


From Designs for Health: To Order

Note: with the first order from Design’s for Health type in FIRST25 to get a 25% discount!

Product Name:

Pure PaleoMeal – Bone broth protein powder – grass fed cows – choc and vanilla.  Great product – foundational.

Stress Arrest – Gaba with Glycine – calming

Amino Acids – Mood Stasis, Neurolink, Amino Acid Synergy

Stabilized R Lipoic Acid Supreme

Detox Antitox

Iodine Synergy

Metal X  Synergy –  CA Only

DGL Licorace

7 Keto

Pure Paleo Cleanse Plus 14 day kit

Melatonin SRT


LV-GB complex



Probiotic Synergy

Krill Oil

Iodine Synergy

Much more – take a look


Other product lines I have in my office which can be called in:  All amazing high end products!


San Pharma


Researched Nutritionals

Byron White – high end therapeutics and balancing/detoxing, etc.