One Diet does NOT fit all – Natural Weightloss

One Diet does NOT fit all  – Natural Weightloss

Just mention the word “diet” and people immediately think “fad or low calorie diet” for weightloss.  What about your regular diet?  Is it supporting your health?  How do we eat healthily and attain weightloss?  How do we maintain weightloss? – keep the weight OFF, get our energy back and feel great too?

Some say vegetarianism or being vegan is the only way to eat.  Macrobiotic diets and Paleo Diets are said to be the answer.  For me Vegetarian /Vegan diets zap my energy, while Macrobiotic Diets put me to sleep.  My type needs protein and many colored veges.  Some of my clients are fatigued on the same diet that makes me feel vibrant and energetic.

Every body is different.  We are different blood types, with different flora in our “gut” according to Dr. Peter D’Adamo, the originator of the Blood Type Diet.  Genetic Typing makes sense.  There are 3 recommended eating plans for each blood type,  AND can be customized depending upon your issues.  Some people have to watch grains, others sugars and some both.

Some of my clients complain that they are always fatigued.  The answer for some is to eat meat, while the answer for others is to eat less meat.  When we honor and listen to our body it works and we become more energetic, focused and happier.

Initially Dr. D’Adamo tested each of the four blood types with all the common foods.  One food was placed into a petri dish with blood of each type.  If the lectins in that food caused agglutination (gluing together of the blood cells), it was not good for that blood type.  Think of all the implications of sticky, slow moving blood.  Blood clots, heart attacks, stroke, etc.  Your blood is 70% water!!!

Lectins in food can cause:
Inflammation of the digestive tract lining.
Interfere with digestive process, causing bloating.
Slow down the rate of food metabolism, don’t efficiently burn calories.
Or can speed up your metabolism into overload.
Compromise the production of insulin.
Hormonal imbalance, causing water retention, thyroid disorders and other problems.
Weight gain.

O / B can do higher protein diets.  Grass fed meat and organic poultry and fish is preferable.   Lots of vegetables are equally important.
A / AB cannot do higher protein diets.  It can cause anxiety as they don’t have the abundance of stomach acid the O’s and B’s do to digest the meat.  Poultry and fish are recommended and lots of veges.

Enter Genetic Typing – Working more with epigenetics:
With Genetic Typing, there are three possible diets for each blood type.  Some of the blood types overlapped, mostly because of your heritage and the ancestors before you.  This is a combination of blood types and body measurements which reflect our ancestry.

In Genetic Typing Alleles are measured with your blood and the various foods.  Alleles  are genetic traits you have specifically inherited and part of your DNA, which define you more infinitely than the blood type.

There is also a software program that will extend the type you are to include SNP’s (DNA predispositions), physical conditions you might have (high blood pressure, low blood sugar, diseases) to further refine your diet.  I do this in my office with your first consultation.

Knowing your Genetic Type is foundational to good health.  Weightloss can be attained easily.  One man’s food is another man’s poison!

HCG and Genetic Types for Weightloss:
I tried the HCG homeopathic program in my office last year.  Sadly not having some good fat in your diet can cause hair loss, fatigue and brain fog and is dangerous with only 500 calories for up to 30 days.  The food list was incredibly restrictive as well.  So when I redesigned the program based upon the Genetic type nutritional plan, I found Success!

Winner Combination:
The diet consists of 1000 calories from the person’s Genetic Type and uses the HCG for 10- 12 days only.  Typical weightloss is 6-8 lbs.  Then you follow with your normal Genetic Diet, introducing good fat back into your diet for 2 or more weeks and return to the dieting phase again.  This works amazingly well and you are eating per your type!  On the two week program you still lose weight since you are eating foods that boost your immune system and your body is working more efficiently.  There are many tips I give my clients to make the program fun and successful.

When trying to lose weight I also check for the following:
adrenal performance
heavy metal accumulation
stress levels

In my office, I do the measurements, and determine your blood type if you do not know it.   I can use software to further customize your diet depending upon your physical condition.  In most cases, I refine the diet manually and provide you with a diet structure to lose weight or just be healthier.

Some clients have:
Ample weightloss
Stopped seizures
Eliminated Migraine Headaches
Improved their mood
Improved their digestion and assimilation of nutrition
Improved skin conditions and complexion
Became more energetic and focused
Remember “Diet Rules” and is “Foundational” to your optimal health

Bottom Line:
Taking responsibility for your health IS your most important asset  Take time to support your health so you can enjoy life more fully.  “One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Call to schedule a session and find out your Genetic Type, the best diet for YOU, and regain optimal health!