New Patients

Your First Office Visit

As a Naturopathic practitioner, I begin the diagnosis process with new patients by listening – very important ~ and advise them whether my services will support them.  It starts with with an intake form that covers all aspects of your body systems, amino acids and symptoms.  Please bring this in to their first consult along with any supplements they are taking and any recent tests.

The first consult lasts 2 hours, and we cover a lot of information.  We discuss their intake and I do a genetic typing on them based upon their blood type to determine the best supportive diet for them.  Then we do electro-dermal screening (EDS), which measures the conductivity of their organ meridians on their hands and feet to evaluate how their organ systems are responding.  I can also test supplements against the meridians to see if they improve the conductivity or not and if so how many.  Allergies can be screened as well by testing foods or vials.  Basically EDS is like muscle testing, yet always more accurate and it is true BioResonance.

Your Results

Based upon the results of the genetic typing and the electro-dermal screening I give them a recommended diet of which foods typically boost their immune systems and which deter from it.  Nutrition is your foundation, so this step is very important.

I then evaluate any supplements they have brought in and recommend which ones should be eliminated, kept or added.  Some clients are either taking the wrong supplements, too much, or the supplements have poor fillers which hamper their physiology.  Often less is more.

Many clients want a heavy metal and mineral hair test, adrenal cortisol test, or a saliva hormone test, so we order them at the first session.

Start with the Basics

By ordering any pertinent tests and then plan for the second appointment where we review the results and make recommendations.  Then we measure their meridians to detect progress.  It is confirming to see that their efforts are effective.

If there are toxic metals from their hair test, then I put them on a program to detox and we will run the test again in 3 – 4 months.  Hormonal issues are reviewed, if applicable, and I recommend combination homeopathic remedies to bring about balance.

Once the person is more balanced, then we proceed to do a whole body detoxification and address any imbalances either then or along the way.  Each person is different, so the program is tailored to their specific issues.

Some of the issues my clients present with are: low cortisol (adrenal), blood sugar, allergic reactions, overweight, tired, can’t focus, feel lethargic, have rashes, aches and pains, have little motivation, experience hormonal issues, toxic from heavy metals or surroundings.  And they are confused about diet and want to find a diet that works for them.  Or they simply don’t know what is out of balance and want some support.

Health is something to focus on NOW so you will stay healthy in your older years ~ so important.

Note:  I am not a medical doctor, so I do not diagnose, treat or cure diseases.  I will refer my clients to a medical doctor for those purposes.  Naturopaths educate and help bring the body back into balance.