Thermograms vs Mammograms

I am currently investigating recommendations to supply you with practitioner’s names and services that perform Thermograms vs Mammograms. Thermograms are a non-invasive procedure which can detect abnormalities of the breast 8 – 10 years before a mammogram can – without dangerously radiating your breast!

If you are currently thinking of scheduling a mammogram, please do your research and hopefully choose to do a thermogram instead.  You may have to pay out of pocket as most insurances do not cover this procedure, but it is truly safer in the long run.

Thermograms: NO Painful Breast Compression or Radiation:

The last mammogram I did was well over 20 years ago and I will gladly not be scheduling one in the future – ever.  After many years of mammograms, my own mom passed away from breast cancer, which the mammogram never discovered and which subsequently spread to other organs.  This should not happen to any women and if we can minimize the radiation, discover safer ways to detect abnormalities, then that is what we must do to protect ourselves.  No woman should have to undergo what my mom went through.

Numerous worldwide studies have reported that the radiation from a mammogram can be 1,000 times greater than present chest x-rays, increasing the risk of breast cancer up to 5% cumulatively each time, while the compression could lead to a spread of cancerous cells if they are present.

Thermograms actually detect abnormalities of the breast tissue 8 to 10 years before a mammogram can.  Neither diagnoses cancer.  Further screening is usually recommended if an abnormality is found – usually by doing a sonogram.

Many women avoid going in for mammograms because they are afraid of what might be found. There is a very high percentage of false positives with mammograms. These readings cause many women undue emotional distress and added expense of unnecessary biopsies and surgeries.

Thermography has been around since the 1950’s, and has undergone numerous studies and extensive research to improve the technology. Inflamed tissue gives off more heat than normal healthy tissue does. The equipment used today makes Thermography extremely reliable in detecting the earliest metabolic energy, or “heat,” of an active pathology or cancer, years before it can be detected by using mammography.

Thermography, registered by the FDA in 1982, has saved many women from unnecessary biopsies, surgeries, and painful, dangerous testing procedures. It is the most advanced imaging tool available to detect that a suspicious process is developing, many years before cancer even begins to develop! Thermography is beneficial to all women in monitoring their breast health. Mammograms are contra-indicated, for women as young as their teen years, for the earliest possible baseline; for women with breast implants, reconstruction, or mastectomy; and for women who are pregnant or nursing.  There again, Thermography is the best and safest choice.

Nutritional programs can be put together to eliminate and reduce inflammation, to perform a saliva hormone test to check for hormonal imbalance and to download any excess estrogen or other inflammatory process before it causes you harm.  Homeopathic remedies, which teach your body to re-balance hormones instead of replacing your hormones and shutting down your bodys’ capacity to produce its own are also available in my office.  Additional techniques can also minimize or eliminate problems before they take hold.

Doing a base line thermogram and then one three months later gets you started in determining your breast health.  Then yearly thermograms help keep you safe and worry free.

Conclusion:  Best to be safe, catch any abnormalities early enough – 8 – 10 years before mammography.  This offers peace of mind, the ability to handle problems before they become advanced, and do it all safely without radiation to your breast and surrounding organs.