Smoking & Alcohol Minimization

Quit Smoking and Drinking Alcohol and Eliminate the Desire to Smoke – Minimize Alcohol Consumption In Just Two Sessions

German BioResonance:

BioResonance is very popular in Europe, but is relatively new to the U.S. I have used this modality since 1999 and am I am thrilled at the results.

In just two sessions German BioResonance training rebalances the mind/body and eliminates the desire to smoke. This program also minimizes your desire to drink too much alcohol. Minimizing drinking works well for the person who is not an alcoholic, but feels that they would like to drink less. (There are more lengthy programs for a person who has strong alcoholic tendencies, but it is best if they come in with someone who will support them through the process.)

Smoking Cessation:

Smoking Cessation works at a deeper level than using the patch, gum or other programs presently in use. Having an intention to quit smoking is imperative. If you are “trying” to quit for someone else, it does not work as well and I encourage you to make an appointment only when “You” are ready to quit.

On your first session you actually smoke your last cigarette. We then proceed by working with German BioResonance to rebalance the body and eliminate the addictive patterns that smoking is noted for. This is a completely non-invasive procedure.

I have two brothers; one younger than I and one older. My younger brother lives in New England and over the years he tried to stop smoking with the pill, the patch, the gum and trying to go cold turkey. Finally the patch worked and he hasn’t smoked in 10 years. When he first quit he really missed smoking and for most who first stop smoking it is very difficult to be around someone who still smokes. With many who have given up cigarettes, the cravings do not go away and many return to smoke again. With BioResonance you do not experience the cravings, or the desire to smoke. I find that it is successful in about 95% of the clients who go through the program.

Now, what surprised me is that my older brother has a more addictive personality and he had smoked from age 13 to 64 – that’s 51 years! Many times I offered to put him on German BioResonance to help him quit, but he wasn’t ready. So two years ago he visited me from Nevada and asked to be put on “the crazy machine”. We did a session that day and I told him that one of the keys was to refrain from smoking for the first day and the next would take care of itself. He was able to do that and four days later I put him on the machine again and then one more time for good measure a week later as he was leaving. I wasn’t really sure it would work after smoking for 51 years – but it did – and he was shocked – as was I.

Often what the smoker – or a person that even chews tobacco – reports is that they are also calmer and easier to get along with. My older brother reports that he cannot stand the smell of smoke and clearly does not understand why he ever smoked – amazing! He can’t believe how much money he now has for vacations. Do the math and decide where you want to go on your next vacation.

Drinking Minimization:

Dan, a 70 year old man, came into my office with the intention to minimize his over drinking. At first he was skeptical, yet he had seen results with a former client. He was about 6″4″ and a large man – not fat, just a large well proportioned man, who reported drinking two bottles of wine per evening. He says that he was never drunk as he always ate while drinking. His goal was to minimize his drinking to 1 – 2 glasses of wine per night. The session took one hour. I told him to call me in a few days to see how he was doing and we would schedule the next session. He said he would be in next week and made another appointment. His first words at his second session were, “How does that machine work?” I just chuckled as I already knew it would work, but it is baffling to people when it does. During the week he could only drink 1 – 2 glasses of wine at night and he emphasized the point with surprise. So we did another session and he came in again 3 months later as he felt stressed over a life event and didn’t want the drinking to increase.

John chewed tobacco and called as he had found out about my program from a friend. He was curious if the program worked for chewing tobacco. I honestly told him that I had never worked with a person wanting to quit, but did not see why it would not work.

So on a Tuesday he brought in his chewing tobacco and we proceeded to work with BioResonance. Saturday morning he called me at my home and simply asked, “What did you do to me?” Well, that’s quite a nerve wracking question, so I asked him why he asked – a safe response. He reported that he previously chewed several times per day, and had not had an urge all week – even when mildly stressed. He had custody of two very young children and would often get into heated discussions with his ex who reportedly had drug issues…… When she called it turned into a screaming match and he hung up and chewed. Well, she called and when he hung up the phone, he realized that he had calmly counseled her for an hour, hung up amicably and had no urge to chew. He was in shock and very impressed. He came in the next week for his second session and then 6 months later when he and a girlfriend broke up as he did not want to chew – we simply used dry tobacco that time.

Jan drank two glasses of wine with her husband each evening and her intention was to only drink socially. She was gaining weight as wine is high in sugar. She did not have an addictive personality at all and with only one session she was surprised to realize that after 3 evenings her alcohol consumption continually diminished to nothing. Now she drinks socially and doesn’t feel that she has to drink – and she has lost weight!!

Supplements for Addictive Patterns:

Depending upon your personality I might suggest taking a few supplements or I might suggest a complete detoxification program. It really depends upon the person and what they really want to attain.

Now I have some people who only want to take supplements to balance out their addictive patterns, and can be successful, but you have to remember to keep taking the supplements – and that is difficult for an addictive personality to do.

If you are interested in the Supplement Program, I will be happy to work with you. We can test the supplements using BioResonance to determine how much of each you will need.


It is important to eat 3 meals a day, with protein at each meal. Having a snack that includes protein in between meals is important as it supports brain balancing. Eliminate simple carbs, junk foods, and sugar in any form, soft drinks and diet drinks. Eat lots of salads and vegetables. Drink half your weight in water/herbal tea, green drinks, natural lemon / lime with stevia or xylitol each day. If you weight 150 lbs. that would equate to 75 ounces of liquid. Caffeine is dehydrating, so if you drink one cup you need to drink two glasses of water to rehydrate your cells. Vegetables and fruits add fiber to your diet to assist in detoxing. Minimize fruits (2 per day) due to sugar metabolism. Purchase the book, “The Glycemic Load” as this will re-educate you regarding eating low glycemic foods. These foods, low in sugar and typically higher in fiber, help stop the craving cycle and help you to detox as well.


Take a walk several times a day for 15 minutes to an hour – this calms the brain and helps you relax. Extra oxygen supports the brain and helps in detoxing as well as acting as a calming agent to the brain. Actually, any form of exercise or sports is really important for balanced brain function. Over exercising can stress the adrenals, so moderation is key!


It is important to go to bed by 10 pm, preferably 9 pm. The adrenals are healing during this time. These are your fight or flight glands, and since they have been exhausted by addictions or stress, they need to be repaired and it can take a year. Working with the adrenals is important in ADD/ ADHD, Addictions, and Anxiety/Stress.

Sense of Purpose:

Keep busy. Find a new hobby or expand on an old one. Get involved in groups where people don’t drink. If your addiction was extreme, find some new friends who don’t have addictive patterns. Do things that provide a new focus – something to feel good about.

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