Life Coaching and EFT

Life and Professional Coaching and Psychotherapy have a different focus

Psychotherapy deals primarily with the past emotional disturbances and a great deal of time is focused upon healing old wounds. I believe in a much more proactive approach to life and mulling over old losses keeps the client captive as a victim.

“Professional Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations. “Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.” The International Coach Federation.

With Life Coaching, I do not diagnose or label the client and they prefer that. In this manner we focus upon taking an optimistic approach to the issue and together design a step by step plan to attain the results desired.

With a 14 year background in doing psychotherapy, I find it preferable and more effective to use Life Coaching and EFT and Guided Imagery

Life Coaching is present tense and uses an active approach in setting and attaining goals. Life Coaching is focused upon:

  • Planning & Time Management
  • Brainstorming
  • Employment & Professional Issues
  • Job changes
  • Self Development & Self Esteem
  • Transitioning from one part of your life to another
  • Decision making techniques regarding specific opportunities or issues in your life

And with 20 years in upper management and owning an engineering software company, I offer a vast array of knowledge to assist my clients in making the decisions that are best suited to their current life events.

Action Steps

Action is critical to moving forward. Each step moves you closer to your goal and builds an air of excitement and fulfillment. If you keep walking in the direction of your goals you will get there.

Accountability & Personal Responsibility

Accountability and personal responsibility is incredibly important in moving toward your goal and in attaining your life’s goals.  Life is a process and not an event, so there is no judgment.


Owning your definition and expression of your personal life values is something we each need to learn. So often we let other people and things define who and what we are. This really is taking a non- ownership role in your life and only sets up resentments, stress and disappointment. Your personal expression defines who you are; this is not decided outside of you, but is an important step in fully being personally responsible, owning and celebrating you.

Brainstorming & Strategies

Together we generate an inventory of ideas and possibilities to provide you with a list of choices. Often you’ll gain a new perspective. Strategies help uncover the way in which to proceed in the most optimal manner.

Inquiry & Intuition

A wise wondering, a question of sorts, is something that simply provides a gateway to deeper learning. Its purpose is to bring awareness; an aha moment of transition. Clients are often amazed at the depth of learning and new perspectives they’ve gained with the use of inquiries. An example of an inquiry is “Is this situation giving me energy or taking energy from me?” “Does this decision support me? Yes or No.” It is the “maybes” that get us into trouble. “What is it that I really want to learn from this?” Your answers allow you to be more effectively supportive of celebrating your life’s experiences and choices, and keeps you focused to attain your highest goals.

Learning to pay attention to our Intuition is something that we do not feel comfortable trusting. The Intuition center is more of a mind/body experience rather than a decision making process by governed by our brain. The second brain, the gut, has much more power than the brain as many of our neurotransmitters, like serotonin are made there.

Ideal Scenes & Inner Journaling

Ideal Scenes support you in defining what you want a particular area of your life to look like. The sentences always start with I am….., and continue in a positive format only, bringing the future into the present. With Inner Journaling you write about a subject and let your inner guide (soul) dialogue with you to provide guidance in optimally supporting you in solving the issue. Writing about a subject often assists you in gaining a deeper clarity. Writing opens up the link to your right brain, your creative side, permitting your intuition to open and offer you new insights about an issue. Another element of this would be the pro / con list to help you make clearer decisions in life and bring focus and awareness.

EFT & Guided Imagery

EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique and is a popular technique by which one taps on specific meridian points to release and change blocked energetic patterns. It is fun and best of all it simply works. Guided Imagery provides insight and can set the tone for success and powerful transition in your life. I often use music to facilitate the process.