Electro Dermal Screening & Testing

With Electro Dermal Screening, I test your meridian points to access organs and systems conductivity of the body.

I can also screen your supplements against the allergy point to determine if they are beneficial for you.  The result also helps you to know what supplements to purchase that will help you as well as the optimal amount of the supplement to take. This way you only purchase the supplements that will work for you and not those that will not.

With the EDS system I screen your meridians and it provides information as to which systems are out of balance. ie. Lymph, circulation, hormonal, liver/gall bladder, small and large intestines, nervous system, etc.

When I received my first Electro Dermal Screening system I tested my supplements and 6 out of 8 I was allergic to. How can you get healthy ingesting supplements that you are allergic to and are toxic to your system? Dr. Darrell See, MD Endocrinologist of UC Irvine, did a study with over 200 supplements and found that 97% were toxic. I have found typically 50 – 75% of what my clients bring in to be in this category. Testing your supplements and purchasing the ones that will work for you saves you money and supports your health.

At The Natural Health Centre, I use the WaveMaker Pro device to effectively balance out all types of allergies, including food sensitivities.  Intolerances are part of your DNA and this is where Genetic Typing is vitally helpful. The WM Pro is a German machine and offers my clients many programs to enhance body systems and balance out others.


INTRODUCTION to BIORESONANCE ~ WaveMaker Pro, for details Click Here



This system is also a German energy system.  It works on many levels to assess emotional and physical issues on many levels: Spiritual, Energetic, Mental and Informational.  It corresponds with your body to focus upon any imbalances and balance them.  It does not cure or treat.  This is an informational energetic system, which works well at identifying issues which seem to be out of balance in the four realms mentioned above.

My favorite part of the system identifies emotional issues, causes and resolutions and is amazingly accurate.  Other section focuses upon the body physical systems and portrays a level of imbalance percentage wise in the body organ or system.

I had an MD in recently and she was truly amazed at how accurate the system was.  She was keying in on psychological issues and it was an “eye opener” to her how it picked up what she had been challenged with her whole life.


Another German device which is an Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Device.

See this in a section dedicated to this system.  Call for a free 30 minute session.

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