EFT, ERT & NeuroEmotional Remedies +

There are many remedies for releasing stuck emotions.  Now we all experience normal depression and anxiety occasionally, yet often we can become stuck and not be able to stop obsessing, worrying and feeling anxious over many situations.  Below are some techniques for resolving these issues:

EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique:  Many know of this meridian tapping system.  It is easy to learn and I have used it on many modalities including: Fear of flying, Low Self Esteem, Fear of the Dark, etc.  Issues can be handled easily with this technique.  I have expanded it to include an easier system to use – and it is fun and can be used anywhere.

ERT – Emotional Release Technique:  This process is something I teach you in my office and you do at home for 21 days.  It can be rewarding and can set you free from habits you no longer desire as well as put you on a new course of positive action.

Neuro Emotional Remedies:  These 13 Neuro Emotional Remedies are tied to your neuronal system and your meridian organ system.  Each organ has a prevailing set of emotions attached to it.  The remedies consist of homeopathic drops, each focused upon and addressing the issues you wish to resolve.  This is something I can teach you how to accomplish in my office and is something you can use as well with the above two modalities.  It is fun and often is the missing link to balancing out an issue.

Neuro-Emotional Remedies® (NER) “Acupuncture in a Bottle”
This system of healing integrates the ancient theory of acupuncture with its emotional correlation to meridians, and homeopathy with its corresponding mental symptoms. For Meridian Balance and Overall Wellness. These formulas are drops taken under the tongue and act at relieving the symptoms / feelings mentioned. Depending upon the results of your test a few of these may be recommended.  These can be used along with the hormone homeopathic rejuvenation formulas:

  1. NER #1: Bladder–Irritated
  2. NER #2: Gallbladder–Resentment
  3. NER #3: Heart–Shock, Excessive Joy, Guilt
  4. NER #4: Kidney–Fear
  5. NER #5: Large Intestine–Stuck
  6. NER #6: Liver–Anger
  7. NER #7: Lung–Grief
  8. NER #8: Small Intestine–Vulnerable
  9. NER #9: Spleen/Pancreas–Low Self-Esteem
  10. NER #10: Stomach–Disgust/Despair
  11. NER #11: Thyroid/Adrenals–Confusion
  12. NER #12: Male–Unresponsive
  13. NER #13: Female–Unresponsive


EDS – Electro Dermal Screening:  Neuro Emotional Remedies and even EDS alone can support us in resolving negative stuck emotional issues.  It is a fun process and takes the negative emotional issue out of the presenting problem leaving a more rational balance to your life.  It puts you back in control and releases the negative aspects of the situation.  It can also be used in a positive manner to set new intentions – powerful and easy.

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