EEG Neurofeedback ADHD & ADD

Neuro / Biofeedback is instrumental in increasing Body/Mind Wellness, Memory, Creativity and Focus.

I am certified by the BCIA, and I use neurofeedback as an assessment tool to evaluate brainwaves. Detects ADHD, ADD, OD, anxiety and Stress. Plus, I offer a program for these disorders that works well! It consists of sensitive instruments attached from the computer to the client, which monitors brainwave patterns. The client is taught how to control and reset his/her own brain. Music therapy and relaxation therapies are often used in conjunction with EEG Biofeedback. No electrical stimulation is involved. Often this treatment may reduce or eliminate the requirement for medication, especially with ADD and ADHD clients.

When I practiced psychotherapy, I used this modality often, yet now I only use it to evaluate what might be affecting the person neurologically. Often I will refer the client out for treatment to facilities doing this type of treatment. I have found neurofeedback to be very affective, yet I also use nutrition, cleansing and a complete balancing program to support my clients with neurological imbalances.