Mind/Body Health Wellness

Working with the whole body is important. You truly cannot separate the parts from the whole.

  • There are psychological issues, yet you create many neurotransmitters in your gut.
  • You conjugate hormones in your liver.
  • Your adrenals make progesterone and estrogen when the ovaries stop.
  • If your thyroid is low you need to check why – is it the pituitary, the adrenals, the liver not making T3 out of T4.
  • Excess weight has many causes, not just overeating, (heavy metal toxicity, adrenal stress, emotional stress, insulin resistance, thyroid – low metabolism issues, eating the wrong foods, allergies, toxicity, hormonal issues, supplement imbalances, etc.)
  • Stress creates disease. How you feel about yourself and what you think about count. (Thoughts are Things!)
  • Diet and pH rule your world. (What happens when a swimming pool or fish tank is not at its optimal pH balance? – the same thing happens in your body as well.)

Together we design a natural program especially for you to address your needs.

Finding the cause of dis-ease in your body

There are many things to consider and questions to ask in the process of finding the cause:

  1. Is your body out of balance due to a deficiency? Is it a supplement, not enough sleep, your environment, or other conditions?
    2. Do you have a primary or delayed food sensitivity or substance sensitivity?
    3. Will a detoxification program help your condition? Would it support you to do a whole body detox, heavy metals detox, parasite elimination program, or reconsider an emotional relationship?
    4. Is there a neurological issue or thought pattern that keeps you sick? Could it be anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, O/C, Stress related, Getting attention by being sick?
    5. Is there an interferance field that is short-circuiting the autonomic nervous system and is keeping you from moving forward? These can be scars or body trauma causing a blockage.

You are an integral part of our team to work toward resolution of your issue. Communication, even concerning seemingly unimportant issues you have experienced can become vital data in providing a solution to your situation. I look forward to working with you!

Mind/Body Wellness Plan

Each person requires varying amounts of attention based upon presentation of issues.

Basic Program Overview

Visit # 1: Intake Evaluation & Meridian Screening (EDS), Genetic Typing for best nutritional plan for your type. Please bring in your current supplements and a recent blood test IF you have one.  Order any additional tests as required:  Heavy Metals & Minerals Test, Saliva Hormone Test – 2 hours

Visit # 2: Review results of tests ordered and progress.  Discuss Detox / Cleanse Program.  – 1 hour.
Additional visits as required based upon needs.  Usually one month apart.

Additional programs offered

  1. Saliva Hormone and/or Adrenal Test
    Allergy & Food Sensitivity Screening
    3. Additional Meridian Support
    4. Life Coaching
    5. Weight Loss Designed for YOU !
    6. Non-Smoking Program
    7. Alcohol Minimization Program
    8. PEMF sessions (pulsed electro-magnetic field mat)
  2. Vibration Machine sessions.

My promise to you

I continue to offer the best products and systems for my clients. I love learning and while this is fun for me, it also provides my clients with the latest modalities and procedures.