Mud Pack Detox: Detoxification Program


For years, one of my favorite detoxes, which can draw out toxins and pain, has been a mud pack detox.  I once had my teeth cleaned by a dentist who used a laser and left with a dull pain on one tooth that would just not go away.  He said the procedure did not cause it and two other dentists said nothing was wrong.  Hmmmm.

So after trying many things for months, I remembered the mud, which I applied to my jaw, around my ear and neck and waited 15 minutes, then washed it off.  My pain went from a level 8 to a level 3.  That afternoon I repeated the mud packing and viola the pain was gone.  Mud pulls and helps to drain toxins.  It frees the face from toxins and keeps your face young looking.  Many of the commercial products on the market do more harm than good – so beware.

The process of mud-packing has been updated and it is mixed with other nutritional items to not only pull out toxins and pain, but it additionally helps to bring the body back into a coherent energy field.  This is determined by testing several points on your body to locate energetic weaknesses and blockages and tests to determine what is needed to balance.  I recently went to an updated class on the advanced procedures and was pleasantly surprised to learn about the new techniques.  It is fun and rewarding to play with mud.