Mercury Detox and Heavy Metals Detoxification

HEAVY METALS (Mercury, etc.) 

Heavy metals can cause numerable problems.  Silver (mercury) amalgam fillings, should be removed by a biological dentist only.  Mercury and metals can upset the transmission processes in the brain and organs.  There are several excellent dentists located just across our border, who charge much less for dental work.  They will bill your insurance, yet you must pay at the time of your visit.  There are also a few dentists locally who do not believe metal should be in the mouth.  I do have a program for metal detoxification that can be used before or after you have the metal removed from your mouth.

It is best to have fillings and crowns that are pure porcelain.  One brand name I recommend is Diamond.  Other white fillings can be just as toxic to your system as mercury as they contain petroleum products and plastics.   Diamond crowns sell for $500 each in Mexico versus $1200-1500 in the US.  See  Dr. Ezequiel N. Lagos, is the owner and his center is certified by Dr. Hal Huggins  I also have a list of So. Cal. Dentists approved and trained by Dr. Huggins – just call my office.  Dr. Huggins was one of the first dentists to expose the dangers of heavy metal toxicity.  See his site before you have any dental work done.  He will even do a phone consult or email consult for $30, which is worth it.  He does not recommend root canals.

Heavy metals are implicated in many neurological disorders and detoxing from heavy metals is critical to regaining your health and staying mentally alert with a healthy nervous system.

I do a heavy metal/mineral hair analysis in my office.  It is sent to a lab for analysis and provides a lengthy report on recommendations for bringing your body back into balance.  This is an important test – my clients love the information they get.  Metal toxicity can be at the root of all medical problems and should be removed from your body correctly by a biological dentist trained in the proper procedure.