Leptin ~ Stop cravings and over-eating

Homeopathic Leptin – Metabolic and Satiety Factor for Weight Loss

Leptin’s Function

Leptin instructs neurons in the hypothalamus to signal you that you are “full” which is why leptin is referred to as the ‘satiety’ factor. Leptin signaling leads to suppression of hunger urges and curbs eating desires.  Leptin is involved in stimulating metabolism and regulating thermogenesis through process called lipolysis / fat burning.

What does leptin do?

  • Signals that you are full and suppresses hunger urges.
  • Hunger Urges and Cravings are often eliminated/diminished
  • Minimizes or eliminates over-eating.
  • Insulin and Leptin Resistance is becomes balanced.
  • Visceral Fat Metabolism (thermogenesis) is turned on to burn fat.

Hunger and Appetite Control?

Leptin activates the pathways which tell the body it is full, and suppresses pathways which stimulate appetite. It supports you in eating less of your desired food and the reward is diminished weight gain and even increased weight loss. Best taken 5 to up to 60 minutes before you eat. The initial loading is the effective part. I took it every day for two weeks and that seemed to reset my hypothalamus. Then take it as desired, paying attention to your body and eating style. If you are going out with friends to eat, remember to take it with you. It not only works, but is a good reminder to help you stay focused…. make it part of your new lifestyle.

How does Leptin work?

There are two types of cell receptor site signaling, one is molecular, the other is electro-physiological. We are electrical beings and our meridian system signals and recalls a memory after a triggered event – like a smell or taste from childhood. The bio-electrical signal is sent via the nervous system to the leptin cell receptor sites in the hypothalamus, which is the appetite control center of the brain. This triggers the positive responses to suppress hunger urges and to signal a sense of feeling full.

In many people this switch is faulty and needs to be turned back on to become effective. Some people are never full, while others hardly need any food to feel full. Some will eat a full bag of potato chips, but when Leptin is sprayed in your mouth, you are completely satisfied with 5 or 6 chips. The food stops calling to you.

Reward from taking Homeopathic Leptin.

Many diet and regain weight. Some are emotionally hungry while others are never full. We are a stressed society and food is not only nourishing, but emotionally nurturing for many, causing over-eating issues. Food does that for us, especially when our relationship does not.

By using the Leptin Spray, you can take back the responsibility you have always desired over food. You will still enjoy it, but now the hunger switch is finally working and signals that it is full. Homeopathic leptin is useful in weight reduction programs. I have added it to my Genetic Type diet program and some will use it with the Genetic Typing program and my hcg homeopathic for accelerated weight loss. A real winner!

Nancey Kinney Kinney, PhDc, Naturopath, Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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