Below are some of our client testimonials:

Sandy, Laguna Niguel
Even after invetro, I could not get pregnant so we adopted. I did the Saliva Hormone Test and with a few changes and the homeopathics Nancey put me on, I was pregnant in 3 months and my husband was delighted when our son was born!

Ann, Laguna Niguel
The Neurological testing helped me gain my sunny disposition back. I was so anxious all the time and angry, but no more. Thanks!

Janice, Laguna Niguel
My Heavy Metal Analysis showed high heavy metals and toxic copper which caused anxiety. With a supplement program and metal detox, I was on a path back to health. Finally, someone could tell me what was wrong and fix it!

Marj, Irvine
I had ADD with and Obsessive Compulsive tendencies. With neurofeedback & WMPro, Nancey isolated many of my issues and I am so much better now.

Amanda, Riverside
I tried everything to lose weight, I exercised and tried various diets. Nancey put me on a program and now I weigh 30 lbs. less. I am a new woman. Thanks so much.

Dana, Laguna Beach
My blood test looked fine, yet I was still tired and had no energy. When Nancey evaluated it from a nutritional viewpoint many imbalance showed up. I had an underlying bacterial infection and after taking supplements to help that my energy returned. It’s nice to have my life back – thanks!