How do you test / screen for food Allergies / sensitivities?:

Skin Prick and Blood Tests: 
Often these have not proven conclusive or accurate. Frequently if the food being tested was not eaten within 24 hours of the test it will not report as an allergen – and this is a painful procedure.

Food elimination diet: 
With this program you eliminate all suspecting foods for three weeks, and then add one food in every three days to see if you react to the food. This is time consuming and frustrating.
Electro-Dermal Screening:
A simpler way to screen for food sensitivities is by using Electro Dermal Screening. I use a German computer that screens each food on the allergy meridian of your body. This method is powerful and when the reading goes to 50 you have sensitivity to that food. Now there are two types of sensitivities; one is at the DNA level – your blood type can assess for this, or it can be a sensitivity that has built up because you eat the food too often, or if your immune system is weakened you can become sensitive to more foods. This will improve as your diet does.

Want your Life Back?:
Knowing your optimal diet is crucial to good health and vital to your energy level. When my clients eliminated their sensitivities they report being able to lose weight, mysterious rashes disappear, their energy level in increased, they don’t feel angry, depressed or anxious and they can focus. The bloating in their abdomen is gone, they can see better and are not stuffy. If your body is always fighting an invading food it cannot do the job of using its resources to keep you healthy.

Regaining your health and vitality:
Having a food sensitivity screening for many it is a wake up call to eat a better diet. Getting back to eating whole, healthy foods, preferably more raw foods in their diet and less pre – prepared foods is best. Eliminating the preservatives, artificial colorings and flavorings go a long way to recapturing your health. And knowing your genetic and blood type is critical as well. You get the complete picture and can be assured that what you are eating is optimal for you.

Doing a food sensitivity screen is fun and informative. I even have clients bring in specific foods they want tested. I do have many test kits, yet sometimes it is best to bring in something you suspect you might be allergic to.

Electro Dermal Screening can also determine if the supplements you take are optimal for you and/or if you are allergic to them – so bring in your supplements as well.