Good Foods & Foods that Don’t do a body good!

I am so grateful that I have a reference point of a time in my life when most of the food that was consumed was healthy.

I grew up in New England, north ofBoston, near the ocean.  The food in our grocery store was mostly grown locally.

There were no pre-prepared frozen meals or foods.

We ate foods from our garden each spring and summer.  Our mom or grandmother canned fruits, froze fruits and veges in season, & made soups from scratch.  We went to berry farms and picked strawberries and blueberries.

There were no “light” foods: yogurts, ice cream, milk (you took the cream off the top if you did not want the fat)

There were no preservatives in our foods or in us!

Our milk was raw and fresh from the dairy, no soy milks, sugary almond or rice milks.

No soy – mostly genetically modified now.

Our flour was not bleached or enhanced with make-believe vitamins.

No, Aspartame (brain toxin), splenda (liver toxin), saccharin or other imitation sweeteners.

No flavored miracle waters, no energy bars, no low-fat foods, no imitation foods.

One person in any of my grade school or high school classes may have had ADHD, ADD, Autism, etc.  Mercury fillings, toxins, pesticides, vaccines, alcohol consumption from the parents or family, chemicals all play a roll in these disorders.  Mercury fillings were started in my generation – as were a very few vaccines – bad choice.

Many of the toxins had not been discovered or used yet.  Most were introduced in the decade of the 90’s.

Our water was either from wells or much safer local water from natural ponds that were monitored.  Now we have Chlorine, fluoride, and so many other bad chemicals to keep us safe. (???)

We did not have the obesity we do today.  Not just because of the foods, but no toxic build-up to create fat, no soy or metal fillings to wreck havoc with your thyroid and metabolism, no prepared high calorie foods to make you gain more weight.  Our natural foods had the nutrients to satisfy us and not make us want more.

And yes there were a few negatives too. The beginning of the foods prepared outside the home included: Wonder Bread, Twinkies and lots of baked goods – yet these foods did not have all the preservatives they have now.  And we had margarine – not good.

So what are we supposed to eat?:

People ask me this weekly.  How do we cook when we are so busy?  How do I de-stress?  How do I make more time to cook?  How do I get healthy?  How do I lose weight?  Why do I have these aches and pains or rashes?

The Answer:

Well, my answer is we need to get our life back.  It does take time to stop at the fast food restaurant.  The calories are more and the foods include more preservatives, less nutrition, are fried in rancid oils and mostly soy oil.  Really what does it take to put a chicken or steak in the oven along with a potato, sweet potato or yam, or stir fry a few veges or cut up a salad, or make more rice than you need so you have leftovers, or cook more and freeze enough for another meal.  Or try eating more raw foods – just cut them up, add some spices and oils, and make sure you get enough healthy protein of your choice.  We need to get our life back. And we need to get our health back – and getting back to healthy basics is the answer.