This past year I hired One Coach to provide guidance in growing my business.  One Coach is headed by John Assaraf of “The Secret”.  I heard him speak at CEOSpace, a weeklong training session I did inLake Tahoelast March.  Trainings are now held atLakeLas Vegas– much warmer!  Call me if you want to know more about CEOSpace!

I was impressed with his calm demeanor, and his ability to hone in on what needed to be done.  He was a combination of “logic” and “spirituality”.  I was interviewed and matched with a fabulous women coach fromMichigan.  Over 8 coaching sessions, I was able to see a larger picture for my business and put together strategies that make my business run better and be more profitable.

Here are a few tips:

  • At the beginning of the day – or the night before, write down just three things that need to be done the next day – just three.  My initial to do list was long and I never seemed to get it all done which is overwhelming, frustrating and self-sabotaging.  To my amazement, I got my three things done and then added one thing at a time if I had extra time.  Feelings of accomplishment are uplifting – and you complete more things.
  •  Delegate to free up time.  I hired a person to do Quickbooks, an Accountant to do my taxes, hired someone to come in one time a week to do filing and things that I don’t like doing.  This increased my level of energy.
  •  Do money making activities first.  Focus on where you can increase streams of income.  Making a list of possible money makers is a good place to start.  Defining how much money you want to make and then plan how you can attain this is fun.  Have short and long term money making goals.  I am starting to form a non-profit corp., so I can have a large health center.
  •  This one is from me.  Incorporate fun things into your life.  I decided to go to Glen Ivy Hot Springs one time per month – what a treat. Take one hour to read something fun each day, go shopping by yourself, go somewhere you have always wanted to go for a few hours, try a new hobby, try a new recipe or eat at a new restaurant.  It is too easy to just stay stuck.  Celebrate who you are in your own special way – plan it and do it!

Your life is like a trip.  If you plan on how to get to your destination you win, otherwise you remain lost.  Plan and Act.