Diet is critical in bringing about balance to the body.  The typical American diet is not healthy.  We have one of the highest mortality rates in the world, currently ranking 27th!!   We are advanced in putting forth an array of junk foods, which do not nourish the body.  Eat empty calories, crave more food, more chemicals in the body equates to more disease!  Sugar causes mood swings and feeds the bad bacteria in your body, weakening your immune system.  It also keeps your body acidic in pH value and it is impossible to heal and become healthy in an acidic state.

We eat mostly dead foods.  The five whites in the diet should be eliminated or greatly minimized:  ie.  Wheat, Pasteurized/homogenized Milk, Rice, White Potato and Sugar.  Wheat is so adulterated that is has virtually no nutrition, and it is bleached with Chlorine! Due to genetic modification it now has 5 times the gluten it had in the early 1980’s.The food companies tell you that the flour and other prepared foods have been enhanced with vitamins to make you healthier, yet the synthetic vitamins they use are not absorbable by our bodies and often create another toxic reaction for our body to contend with.  The five whites and other starches turn to sugar in those that crave these very foods.  Remember wheat is pasta, cereals, breads and my favorite pizza – which I no longer eat.

Raw milk is a nutritious food and many who are intolerant of milk can drink raw milk as it has a full complement of enzymes to help you digest the milk and many nutrients to enhance your body.  Cow’s milk is acidic, whereas Goat’s milk is alkaline – so favor goat’s milk cheeses.  Many states now allow it to be sold.  Now I know you are not going to eliminate the five whites from your diet totally, but do yourself a favor and eat them seldom or never.


The best bread to eat is an organic sprouted bread based upon your GenoType.  Manna bread is a whole food sprouted bread that has no refined flour.  These breads and are available at Trader Joe’s, who also has a rice tortilla that is quite good.  Use Stevia, (Sweet Leaf), a natural herb fromSouth America, to sweeten foods instead of sugar.  It does not upset the glycemic balance, (blood sugar), in your body.

Another wonderful sugar is Xylitol.  It is expensive, but we are certainly worth it.  It is a unique sugar, which does not raise blood sugar, and has good bacteria that fights tooth decay and bad bacteria.  A good web site is if you cannot find it in your health food store.  Xylitol is made from wood as is Xlear, beware that other copycats now provide the same type of sugar from corn, which is now mostly Genetically Modified, not to mention this would not be good for those who are allergic to corn.  So read the labels and when in doubt email the manufacturer – don’t be afraid to ask.


It is best to eat raw organic vegetables of many colors in your diet.  They are filled with minerals and enzymes.  Minerals are catalysts that make hundreds of enzymes work in your body.  When this process happens naturally then we are able to utilize our vitamins more effectively.  The phytonutrients in them also keep us healthy.  Raw is preferable as the enzymes are destroyed at temperatures above 118 degrees, which includes all cooked food.  Organic foods have 3-4 times the amount of nutrients in them as the regular supermarket foods.  Please know that it takes time to adjust to a new way of eating, so do your best.  Shop at organic farmer’s markets, at Trader Joes, Henry’s, Mother’s Market and Whole Foods as they support better nutrition and offer organic products.  Please note that these markets have an array of junk foods as well!

JUICES & WATER & Omega 3:

Eliminate most juices – just too much sugar in the system at one time.  One fruit at a time is enough sugar for us.  An option is to squeeze the juice of one orange, lemon or lime, into a glass of water. Or you can peel an orange, place it in a blender with one cup of water and stevia or xylitol and you have a healthy drink, including the fiber, which slows down sugar absorption.  Lemonade made this way is great hot or cold.  You can obviously do this with other favorite fruits as well.  Another great fruit is cranberry, which aids in cleansing the kidneys and liver.  Buy whole juice – not from concentrate and dilute it one part juice to 7 parts water per the label – available at Trader’s.  Another great cleanser for the system is to put 1- 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (raw with the Mother), Bragg’s is a good brand, in a glass or bottle of water, add stevia to sweeten and sip.  Great arterial cleanser and weight loss aid as well.

You are 60-70% water.  Now this water needs to be changed each day, otherwise you become toxic!  Guzzling water creates a river through your body and taxes your kidneys, so take 3 to 4 gulps at a time.    Many say that you require water in ounces equal to ½ your weight in pounds.  That means if you weigh 100 pounds, you require 50 ounces of water.  Take into consideration the amount of water in fruits and veges.  One way to monitor this is to check the color of your urine.  It should be a very pale yellow, not bright or dark or with a strong aroma.  If you are supplementing with B vitamins, this will naturally turn your urine yellow.  So, do the body calculation for water and drink it in divided doses during the day.  Also, it is best to drink only ¼ cup of fluid with a meal as it waters down the food you have eaten and the body thinks it is more digested and passes it on too early to the small intestine.  Undigested food basically ferments / rots and provides a thriving ground for bacteria, parasites, etc.

When I do EDS screening on my clients, I notice sometimes that my client’s hands are dry and yet they do drink enough water a day.  What is happening here is that they are not absorbing it, and / or they do not have enough good fat in their diet in the form of good natural raw fats/oils, i.e. coconut, avocado, olive, macadamia or nuts. When a client does not drink enough water during the day it is difficult to get an EDS reading as the clients overall body conductivity is too low – not good for your health.

Krill oil is the preferable form of omega 3.  Grass fed beef, not finished on grains, is also extremely high in omega 3’s – higher than in fish!  Pacific Northwest Salmon is an excellent source as well.


Meats should be free-range with no hormones or preservatives and no antibiotics.  Hormones and antibiotics disrupt our body in many ways.  They are used in cattle to fatten them up.  Unfortunately they show up in our bodies as excesses that lead to imbalances and weight gain.   If you eat red meat, it is best to get grass fed beef.  Cows eat grass, not corn, grains or soy.  Note that cows are fed this to fatten them up.  These types of grains are often stored in silos or piles and frequently develop molds, which we also eat when we eat this type of beef. sells grass fed beef.  There are other sites on the web, but make sure that they do not finish fattening them up by feeding them grains for the last three months, which is very typical.  Grains turn to sugar in our body.

The Lamb in the stores is mostly raised inNew Zealand, where they do not allow hormones or antibiotics, and encourage grass feeding, which is natural and honors the animal.  Grass fed meat is leaner and has a higher concentration of CLA, which can help you lose weight if you are overweight.  Grass fed beef is also higher in natural Omega 3 fatty acids than fish, and without the mercury toxicity.


Allergic foods can swell the brain and/or make us irritable.  Allergic foods are looked upon as toxins in our body, so the immune system ends up being compromised for up to 72 hours.  It is important to do the EDS screening in my office to make sure which foods to avoid.  Another good way to tell if you are allergic to a food is to do a simple home allergy test which is as follows:  On an empty stomach, or three hours after a meal take your resting pulse and record it, then eat the food you want to test.  Wait ten minutes and if your pulse has increased or decreased by 8 to 10 beats or more, your body is experiencing an allergic reaction.  You can check your pulse again at the 20 minute interval as some people’s metabolisms are slower to respond.  Avoid that food.  You can test 3 to 4 foods per day this way.


Protein helps the brain focus; while carbohydrates quiet the brain and can calm us down or make us feel lethargic and tired, if we eat the wrong ones.  Starchy carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates, (junk food), contribute to the lack of focus.  Balance your diet with meat and produce, and eat frequently if you have a blood sugar imbalance. Always eat protein with some carbohydrates. Many are on high protein diets and that is as bad for us as the once popular high carbohydrate, low fat diets we were on a few years ago.

It is important to select low glycemic load fruits and vegetables to add to our diet.  They offer excellent nutritional value as well as fiber.  Fiber is necessary to eliminate toxins from our body and for proper elimination.  It is a challenge to get fiber in our standard diet.  Coconut flour is high in fiber as is White Chia Seed, Glucomannan, Flax and a mixed salad.  Raspberries are high in fiber as well.

Cook with coconut oil or macadamia nut oil, which are the best oils you can cook with.  I get the EPCO coconut oil as it does not have a coconut taste as does the Virgin coconut oil.  Coconut Oil and Macadamia Nut oil have high heat points and do not go rancid.  Coconut oil is good for your thyroid, metabolism, is anti-bacterial and generally a good healthy fat to add to your diet and on your skin.  TheTexasgrass fed beef website sells macadamia nut oil by the gallon and it is great.  Check your GenoType for the best oils for your type.


Soy is in everything.  Read the labels.  There is only one mayonnaise that has no soy that I have found at Traders – yet it has Canola Oil which stands for CAnadian OiL – they just added an A at the end.  It can be a combination of many oils, so don’t be fooled.  Best to make your own mayonnaise or use organic sour cream.  No one eats as much soy as the North Americans do.  There are numerable studies that show that soy hurts the brain, especially in infants and young children and the elderly.  Soy inhibits over 43 enzymes in the body and affects the thyroid.  It disables zinc, which is one of the key minerals in the brain.  It also disables many of the other critical minerals such as magnesium for the heart and calcium for the bones, which are calming to the brain.

The four soy products that are ok to ingest are miso as in miso soup, tempeh, soy sauce (tamari is real soy sauce – others are made from wheat!!), and natto as they are fermented and as a result no longer have the bad aspects of soy.  Fermented products produce a healthy digestive tract – very important!  Soy also disables a key enzyme in the thyroid, which can cause hypothyroidism in unsuspecting people.

Japanese people eat the equivalent of 2 teaspoons of soy in tofu or fermented form a day.  It is typically in a fish broth, which helps to disable some of the bad attributes of the soy.  Their fish broth is made from the whole fish.  They do not drink soy milk, put soy in their eggs or eat soy mayonnaise, nor any of the other concoctions we have invented!  Nor are their cattle fed soy to fatten them up!  One of my Japanese clients found what Americans do to soy completely hilarious.


Remember, what you put on your skin goes into your bloodstream!!! Read the labels – do the research!

Your morning shower can be detrimental to your health.  You should have a shower filter that removes most toxins and chlorine. The best I have found is from Aquasana, who also has a great glass drinking bottle.  Simply go to my website: and click on the Aquasana logo and it will take you to the correct site to order – this gives you a 20% discount!  A short shower is equivalent to drinking 5 – 6 plus glasses of tap water – not recommended!!  AND, your hair feels wonderful as a result of using a more balanced water.  They also have a whole house water system as well as a sink system for drinking water.