Detoxification Programs

More chemicals, pesticides, xeno-estrogens, drugs (medical and otherwise) have been introduced into our world in the last 20 years than all years of the world’s existence.  Our bodies were not created to accommodate this and thus disease, stress, obesity, and many medical conditions previously not seen are increasing incrementally.  The heart attack and cancer rates were almost unheard of in the early 1900’s and now they are so common that 1 in 2 -3 is reported to get cancer.  It is not surprising that doing a detoxification two times per year is highly recommended to maintain your health.


I offer several detox products and procedures in my office and will put together a detoxification program that will work specifically for you.  A whole body detox is preferable, and a liver cleanse each six months is critical to your overall health as well.  There is a one day liver cleanse that many of you have already and a mini liver cleanse that consists of making a concoction that tastes like a spicy pizza sauce one morning per week for 8 weeks.  I also just brought in a liver cleanse that consists of a shake and two different supplements that you take for 21 days – deep cleansing and regeneration for those that cannot fit the traditional liver cleanse into their schedule.  There are many detox techniques that I share with you when you come into my office.