Detox Tips: Parasites and Water, Breathing, Exercise


Most people have parasites and we are all exposed continually to chemical toxicity.  There are many fine programs that will support you of banishing these unwanted guests in your body.  I offer several in my office.  One is for the upper GI tract and one for the lower GI tract.  Works great and should be done every six months and for a week after eating sushi.


Drink ½ your weight in ounces a day of water, herbal tea, green drinks, teeccino or a light juice drink where you mix 1 part of real, unconcentrated fruit juice to 7 parts water.  And, your body requires 35 – 50 grams of fiber a day to cleanse your system and to help with bowel movements.  Your blood is 70% water, so it is critical to keep it moving – not sluggy, which causes all sorts of problems.

It is optimal to have a good source of water either in a whole house water purifying system or a sink water purifier and shower filter.  I recommend Aquasana, which you can get by going to my website and clicking on the Aquasana banner – you get a discount.  Your morning shower, without a filter, is like drinking 6 – 8 glasses of tap water with chlorine and fluoride – drying to the face and body, as well as a myriad of other toxins.  You can also fill up a water picture from your shower to use during the day if you don’t have a sink filter.


Proper breathing oxygenates your blood and helps your body to detox.  It also keeps you calm and relaxed and moves your lymph even better than jumping on a mini trampouline.  When we become anxious we breathe shallowly and this gives us headaches, lack of focus and toxicity to our body.

Being out in the sun without sun-glasses helps tune your brain and nervous system.  Minimum requirement is for 30 minutes a day.  After that you can put on the sunglasses if you choose.  Sun is very therapeutic to our bodies.  We have lost contact with nature – sadly.  It has been proven that simply standing on the ground (dirt – grass) with our bare feet unclumps our blood cells quite nicely.  We wear rubber soled shoes which unfortunately grounds us and we lose the natural contact we require with the earth’s schumann waves.  These waves used to go up 4 feet high and now they are only 1 ½ feet due to electro-pollution and more.  There is even a tree-huggers society that believes being near trees is advantageous to our health – they are correct.  So get out in nature – form a new habit for your health.


OK.  There are now many articles that say we are exercising too much – amazing.  The truth is that we are if we are doing heavy exercise one or more hours per day.  That is not the way our body is programmed.  The best exercise is some weight bearing exercise to keep our muscles and bones healthy and our lungs strong.  10 minutes a day is all that is needed and this can be done by doing work around your home.  Studies have proven the best exercise is to sprint 100 steps, then walk 400 steps – a 1 to 4 ratio and only for 20 – 30 minutes.  This reportedly does more good for your body than the heavy exercise that is being done.  More peoples adrenals are overwhelmed by too much exercise.


Microwave ovens alter the cellular structure of your food, rendering it unsuitable for to eat.  It also causes the food to be carcinogenic in nature.  The nutritional qualities of the food are destroyed, so that you are basically eating empty calories that are toxic.  Just Google “against microwave ovens” and read about the detriments.