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EDS – EAV – Electrodermal Screening & Testing

EDS ~ EAV ~ Electrodermal Meridian Screening & Testing

EDS stands for ElectroDermal Screening. EAV stands for Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll, a German Scientist. Both mean the same thing. I use a German Energy Medicine device which I think  are superior. I lightly touch a point near your fingernails and toenails of your body,  where your meridians start or finish.   This accesses the conductivity of your organs and systems. A perfect reading is 50 – 58. Acute is over 58, Chronic is below 50, and a sliding reading – from high to low is an indicator drop which shows a loss of conductivity.

I love EAV. It provides information on many levels:

  • It screesn your supplements and indicate if they are beneficial or not. Helps in selecting the best supplements and spending money on only those that support you.
  • It indicates how many pills of a supplement is required to balance the meridian.
  • It screens foods for sensitivities to that food.
  • It screens viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens from vials I have
  • It screen various parts of the body, including the brain, organs and intestines ~ important foci.
  • Because it is True BioResonance, it helps with minimizing drinking if you are NOT an alcoholic.
  • It helps to eliminate the desire to smoke.
  • It work with allergic sensitivities to animals, pollens, etc.
  • It uses body secretions, urine, tears, etc. to balance specific issues.
  • And, it works with emotional issues ~ amazing.

With my EDS (electrodermal) Wavemaker Pro system I screen your meridians and it provides information as to which systems are out of balance. ie. Lymph, circulation, hormonal, liver/gall bladder, small and large intestines, nervous system, etc. A program is instituted to help you regain health by using homeopathics, nutritional products and detoxing if necessary.

This program is rewarding because it is easy and it works!

Are Your Supplements Making You Sick?:

When I received my first EDS system I tested my supplements and 6 out of 8 I was allergic to.  Dr. Darrell See, MD, Endocrinologist of UC Irvine, did a study with over 200 supplements and found that 97% were toxic. I have found typically 50 – 75% of what my clients bring in to toxic.  Purchasing supplements that benefit you costs less and keeps you healthier.

Using High Quality BioResonance:

At The Natural Health Centre, I use the Electrodermal Screening WaveMaker Pro device to bring about balance.  Food Intolerances are part of your DNA and this is where Genetic Typing for the best nutritional plan for you is vital.

Many EAV devices only take readings, they do not provide energy back to the your body. This is a critical difference!

All life is made of energy.  Humans tend to think of themselves as relatively solid creatures.  We are  a mass of compressed energy. We emit our own electromagnetic fields and we each have our own unique “vibration”, or oscillation. This oscillation can easily be measured with electronic equipment. When we are healthy, our bodies produce a smooth, regular oscillation. When the body is under stress, the pattern becomes jagged and irregular.

It’s a therapy to keep your eye on. “Is it the future of medicine? Yes, absolutely ~ AND it is here NOW!”

Nancey Kinney, PhDc, Naturopath, MAPsych., Energy Medicine  949 218 8788

One Diet does NOT fit all – Natural Weightloss

One Diet does NOT fit all  – Natural Weightloss

Just mention the word “diet” and people immediately think “fad or low calorie diet” for weightloss.  What about your regular diet?  Is it supporting your health?  How do we eat healthily and attain weightloss?  How do we maintain weightloss? – keep the weight OFF, get our energy back and feel great too?



Diet is critical in bringing about balance to the body.  The typical American diet is not healthy.  We have one of the highest mortality rates in the world, currently ranking 27th!!   We are advanced in putting forth an array of junk foods, which do not nourish the body.  Eat empty calories, crave more food, more chemicals in the body equates to more disease!  Sugar causes mood swings and feeds the bad bacteria in your body, weakening your immune system.  It also keeps your body acidic in pH value and it is impossible to heal and become healthy in an acidic state.

How do you test / screen for food Allergies / sensitivities?:

Skin Prick and Blood Tests: 
Often these have not proven conclusive or accurate. Frequently if the food being tested was not eaten within 24 hours of the test it will not report as an allergen – and this is a painful procedure.

Food Allergies:The Blood Type & Genetic Connection

Knowing your blood type and Genetic type is important in identifying some food allergies. For instance if you are an “O” or “B” blood type, you will be more sensitive to wheat. Or you can be sensitive to wheat regardless of your blood type if it is eaten too frequently. Those with strong reactions to gluten/gliaden have celiac disease, where gluten cannot be tolerated at all. (Note: since the early ’80′s the wheat has been bio-engineered to have 5 times the gluten/gliaden in it; this has caused many intestinal problems.) Gluten/gliaden is tested in the Saliva Hormone test I do and about one quarter of the tests are showing gluten intolerance. When it is eliminated from the diet the women feel amazingly better.

Can Food Allergies be the Cause of Your Symptoms or Illness?

Food Allergies / Sensitivities:
Generally people think of allergies as a histamine reaction to dust, molds, and pollen, yet, food allergies / sensitivities can be the cause of your symptoms or illness.