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Which Fruits and Veges

Forty three fruits and vegetables were evaluated by  This is a great site to search for chemicals that are in all products we use including cosmetics.  

Carlsbad Mineral Spa


2802 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, CA 92008

I recently visited this spa and am thrilled about their water. lists this water source and other locations you should check out.  I visit them every 3 weeks and have 6 three gallon containers.  Benefits.  Better body chemistry, sleep better, enter dreaming state easier, good detoxifier or acidity – very therapeutic.

WATER: Vital to Your Health:

This is more of a reminder than a recipe.  Drink ½ your weight in ounces of water a day.

Do you know that your blood is 70% water?  Not enough water and your blood can become sludgy – lots of health implications.  Water also helps to conduct electricity in your body…and so much more.

Many clients say they simply don’t like drinking water or ask how to drink that much water?   Our world is becoming more toxic and it is important to flush these toxins out of our body on a continual basis.  Eating vegetables and fruits with high water content counts as part of your water intake and fiber is important as well.

Magnesium: It does a body good!

The mineral of the month is Magnesium, which is the mineral of the muscle – the heart being the largest muscle in your body. Magnesium is a relaxer, not only of the muscles, but of the mind – it can calm you down. If you are having heart palpitations it can help regulate the heart into a normal beat. Magnesium is often used in the emergency room in intravenous form when someone comes in with a heart attack or life threatening arrhythmia – irregular heart beat. It is also responsible for over 300 enzyme functions in your body – yet most Americans are deficient in it. Often we take supplements with calcium and magnesium as a combination. Yet, recent studies state that we may be taking too much calcium which can cause calcification of the muscles and arteries. We often get enough calcium in dairy products and in some vegetables, yet we simply do not get enough magnesium in our diet. Milk of magnesia is magnesium and is famous for helping with constipation. Too much can cause diarrhea although magnesium glycinate will not do this. It is also in the form of Epsom Salts and you can use 2 cups to 1/2 cup of Baking Soda in a bath to sooth tense or fatigued muscles. Your body absorbs the magnesium and you can relax. Try this before bed or when you are stressed. Light a candle and just let go. If you have cramps – menstrual, leg cramps, feel aggravated or overwhelmed take 200 mg. of magnesium and relax those muscles. Before doing physical or strenuous work it helps to take 200 mg. of magnesium and 400 mg. of gaba. Gaba also helps you to relax as it is an inhibitory amino acid – calming. Your body will love you for it. I sell both in my office. Adding magnesium to your diet can support you if you experience any of the following conditions: