Carlsbad Mineral Spa


2802 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, CA 92008

I recently visited this spa and am thrilled about their water. lists this water source and other locations you should check out.  I visit them every 3 weeks and have 6 three gallon containers.  Benefits.  Better body chemistry, sleep better, enter dreaming state easier, good detoxifier or acidity – very therapeutic.

They suggest drinking 16 oz. upon arising from bed to detox from the night before, then 15 minutes later another 16 oz. to hydrate.  You can put lemon or lime or greens in it as well to detox, then hydrate.  I think it works well.  I drink another 16 oz. late afternoon and love it.  Thought you might like to try it as well, so I am passing on this information to you from the spa:

Pure Therapeutic Alkaline Water Made by Nature, Not by Man

Exclusive, therapeutic and hydrating Carlsbad Alkaline Water™ comes from an 1,700-foot-deep aquifer that originates near Palomar Mountain, about 60 miles east from Carlsbad. It takes about 9,500 years for the water to work its way through the substrata to our artesian wells just one block from the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, it is naturally enhanced with minerals that turn the water into a highly alkaline, therapeutic, and healthful water.

Carlsbad Alkaline Water™ is not filtered municipal water. It flows naturally into our artesian wells from the deep aquifer. It is sodium free, noncarbonated, not fluoridated, not chlorinated, highly alkaline (not acidic) and exceeds FDA bottled-water quality standards. It has about pH 8.7 and a TDS 50. Our well and vending machines are licensed by the California Department of Public Health and monitored and tested weekly, as required by FDA and federal, state laws.

Our customers feel the positive health benefits from therapeutic Carlsbad Alkaline Water™ and they drive as much as 80 miles one way. We have many customers from Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Alpine and similarly distant locations who make the trip because they have experienced health benefits from our alkaline water and how soft, smooth, clean, and delicate our water tastes. Thousands of local customers come pick up our alkaline therapeutic water from our convenient vending machines.

Carlsbad Alkaline Water ™ is so unique and therapeutic it has been proclaimed “The Most Healthful Water” by the California State Senate, and our artesian well and location have been designated by the California legislature as both a California Historic Site and a California Historic Monument. The city of Carlsbad has named the Carlsbad Artesian Well a Carlsbad Historic Site. And the “North County Times” newspaper has called our water “Eden in a Glass.”

Nowhere else in the United States can you find so unique natural therapeutic alkaline water with pH 8.7 that tastes so good and has such a positive effect on your health.

Delicious Alkaline Water at an Affordable Price – $0.50/Gallon (Note: alkaline water made by machine still has chlorine, fluoride and according to this spa loses its falsely made alkalinity in a day or so…  Never like the machine made alkaline water.

Many companies use chlorinated municipal water from drug and chemically polluted rivers, pass it through reverse osmosis, then bottle it and sell it as a magic water with endless claims at highly inflated prices. Other companies sell under the sink reverse osmosis or water coolers with built-in reverse osmosis for use in businesses and promoting it as a “Go Green” campaign. All the reverse osmosis machines waste 3 gallons of precious water for each 1 gallon of water produced to drink and the water is highly acidic, unhealthy.

Cities across the country are implementing water conservation programs while reverse osmosis units and coolers with built-in reverse osmosis negligently waste a tremendous amount of our limited natural resources. You have the peace of mind that our water vending machines and our bottled water use therapeutic Carlsbad Alkaline Water™ from our artesian well and our vending machines are cleaned, inspected, and maintained daily unlike the water vending machines outside of supermarkets and other stores that are cleaned only every two to three weeks. These supermarket vending machines use city water with reverse osmosis that produce unhealthy acidic water.

Carlsbad Alkaline Water™, healthful, therapeutic, and filtered by Nature, is available at our historic Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa at 2802 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad, Calif., for only $0.50 a gallon at our self-serve, stainless steel vending machines. Before each fill you can give your bottle a sanitary ozone rinse for only $0.10.

You may use your own containers or get water – grade containers from us

1-gallon of Carlsbad Alkaline Water™ in our self-serve vending machine only: $0.50

Drink healthy water and be healthier!