About Me

Nancey Kinney, PhDc, Naturopath, CNC, MA Psych


Nancey Kinney, Naturopath

For many years previous I had incorporated nutrition and many other modalities into my practice. My training as a Counselor has helped me understand how to more effectively work with the whole mind/body to bring about wellness.

For over 25 years I have specialized initially in Marriage and Family Counseling with a focus on Spirituality, Neurofeedback, Naturopathy, German Energy Medicine, Supplement product knowledge and many additional trainings.

This experience has been a direct benefit to my clients.


  • Amino acids help to balance brain chemistry, as does addressing the endocrine system and the intestinal tract.
  • Heavy Metal & Mineral Analysis (my favorite), and evaluate blood tests from a functional basis.
  • Weight loss programs which are designed specifically for each client, some of which incorporate the hCG homeopathic and detoxification.
  • Diet and nutrition, pH, plus so much more.
  • Certification in Massage and work with Aromatherapy / Essential Oils. I offer an array of supplements, homeopathics and detox remedies for my clients to select from.
  • Homeopathics balance: If your hormones are too high or too low it teaches your body to balance them naturally. Homeopathics teach your body what to do – what a concept.
  • BioIdentical hormones add to your hormones, shutting off your body’s ability to make your own, whereas homeopathic hormones teach your body to make or reduce hormones as necessary – amazing – the body really is brilliant!
  • Genetic Typing to provide the best diet for my clients. While on the program my clients report that symptoms are eliminated, they are more focused and lose weight easily. This is a superb foundational plan to bring back optimal health as well.


Your health is your most important asset! It is critical to take good care of yourself – now. In becoming your health care practitioner, I commit to offering the best service and products to support you on your life long journey in staying healthy and happy.


I grew up north of Boston near the seacoast and ate foods mostly from our garden and all home made. We even had bee hives in our yard.


Nancey Kinney

PhDc, Naturopath, CNC, Energy Medicine, Massage Therapist, MA Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Spirituality

PhD Candidate: in process
Naturopathic Practitioner: California College of Natural Medicine
CNC (Certified Nutritional Consultant)
Cert. EEG Neurofeedback: BCIA (Biofeedback Cert. Institute of America)
Cert. Homeopathic Endocrinology: California College of Natural Health
Cert. Homotoxicology: Heel
Massage Therapist / Aromatherapy: Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy
MA in Counseling Psychology & Spirituality: University of Santa Monica
BA/BS in Business Administration: Redland’s University

“I welcome you to my practice.  It is my privilege to work for and with you.”

If you should have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment, please call Nancey directly at (949) 218-8788