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One Diet does NOT fit all – Natural Weightloss

One Diet does NOT fit all  – Natural Weightloss

Just mention the word “diet” and people immediately think “fad or low calorie diet” for weightloss.  What about your regular diet?  Is it supporting your health?  How do we eat healthily and attain weightloss?  How do we maintain weightloss? – keep the weight OFF, get our energy back and feel great too?

Stay Healthy with Preventive Care!

Prevention Vs. Being Sick:

Preventive Care will not only support your health, but helps save you lost time, undue stress and money.

Most clients seek a practitioner when something is out of balance with their health. What about staying healthy so that does NOT happen? I know, we are not conditioned that way, YET this does not mean that we need to stay ignorant to the fact that our health IS our MOST important asset. When we are sick, we lose wages, become depressed, anxious, exhausted and more.

Create A Daily Wellness Plan:

There are many preventive measures you can take to stay healthy:

  • Drinking ½ your weight in ounces of water, herbal tea, organic coffee if it is on your genotype, fermented drinks and water with lemon or lime and stevia. Your blood is 70% water, so your blood becomes thick when you do not drink enough. Think heart issues! Adequate liquids improves conductivity of your cells. Think communication! Without adequate water, herbal teas or fermented foods, this equals dehydration AND NO conductivity.
  • Fiber: We need 25 – 50% of fiber to support us in the elimination of toxins and healthy bowel movements. We live in an amazingly toxic world.
  • Detox: Drink lemon or lime water with stevia first thing in the morning. Do a Whole Body Detox once time per year. We live in a toxic world, so it is important to continually detox using the basic principals on this page.
  • Genetic Typing: Which foods support you in boosting your immune system and metabolism? We are all unique and one diet does NOT fit all. I evaluate my clients on their first visit and provide them with a list of the optimal foods for their genetic type.
  • Healthy supplementation: Most supplements have magnesium stearate or titanium dioxide under “other ingredients.” These coat your intestines to make a biofilm so your absorption is decreased. I sell high quality supplements and give my clients a 10% discount. Remember minerals are the “spark plugs” of your body ~ and we no longer get enough due to depleted soils. I have a tower garden, which I also sell, AND I really think everyone should have one. Organic seeds grown hydroponically result in nutrition right from your our tower garden. No soil to mess with AND it is fun as well as vitally nutritious. Food loses vital nutrients from the first day they are picked. See:
  • Exercise: Surprisingly over exercise depletes your adrenal glands. Moderate exercise is best, including walking. It is best exercises is to sprint for 1 minute, then walk for 4 minutes. Do this 4 times and you have boosted your immune system and metabolism effectively. Takes just 20 minutes a day. Simple hand weight rotations helps with bone density.
  • Stretching : is a good alternative to exercise if the weather is inclement and really aids in moving your lymph to cleanse your body.
  • Deep Breathing: Helps move your lymph and oxygenates your blood and keeps you energetic and focused.
  • Emotions: Do what you can to stay positively focused. Stress and negative emotions change a healthy pH to an unhealthy one in minutes. AND, stress is responsible for 85% of all sickness.
  • Live “Optimally:” We only live once – that we really know about. So why would you choose to be less than you are capable of being. Do fun things daily; have passions. Make quality time for yourself. Expect others to treat you well and when they don’t, leave the friendship as it is another form of toxicity you do NOT need. Learn from your mistakes and don’t judge yourself or others. Self-forgiveness works!

Why do we want to fit in when we were meant to stand out? Dr. Seuss / 949-218-8788949-218-8788