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Redefining Stress AND Our Life…

When someone asks you if you are stressed, what do you say?  You will probably reply regarding the emotional stress in your life.

Yet, there is much more to stress than emotional….. Think about it.  What about your physical stress?  The reason I am discussing this is because when I do a saliva test on my clients I usually see adrenal stress in 95% of the cases.  When my clients fill in their intake questionnaires, I see stress in many systems of their body.  The endocrine (hormones), digestive, blood sugar, and emotional systems are the top three stressors.

Are you OVERWHELMED by “THE To Do List?”

For years, when I counseled individuals and families, one of the main complaints was the ongoing “TO DO LIST”.   There were working moms with so much to do and dads working too many hours.  Most had a long To Do List – too long to accomplish and too long to feel accomplished.

Which Fruits and Veges

Forty three fruits and vegetables were evaluated by  This is a great site to search for chemicals that are in all products we use including cosmetics.  

Carlsbad Mineral Spa


2802 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, CA 92008

I recently visited this spa and am thrilled about their water. lists this water source and other locations you should check out.  I visit them every 3 weeks and have 6 three gallon containers.  Benefits.  Better body chemistry, sleep better, enter dreaming state easier, good detoxifier or acidity – very therapeutic.