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Fluoride toxins in toothpaste


It is best not to use toothpaste that has fluoride or a list of ingredients that you do not recognize.  Fluoride is toxic to the brain and does not eliminate cavities.  Glycerin is another substance that should not be in toothpaste as it coats the teeth with a sticky substance and helps provide a breeding ground for bacteria to grow.  It is difficult to locate a good toothpaste.  Most often I recommend brushing teeth and gums well with just good water and following by using a waterpik with a capful or two of hydrogen peroxide in warm water.  I now use baking soda to brush my teeth with followed by ½ tsp. of xylitol (birch derived – not corn) in the evenings to keep my dental hygiene balanced..  Xlear, has a xylitol based toothpaste which is excellent as well.

Mercury Detox and Heavy Metals Detoxification

HEAVY METALS (Mercury, etc.) 

Heavy metals can cause numerable problems.  Silver (mercury) amalgam fillings, should be removed by a biological dentist only.  Mercury and metals can upset the transmission processes in the brain and organs.  There are several excellent dentists located just across our border, who charge much less for dental work.  They will bill your insurance, yet you must pay at the time of your visit.  There are also a few dentists locally who do not believe metal should be in the mouth.  I do have a program for metal detoxification that can be used before or after you have the metal removed from your mouth.

Detox Tips: Parasites and Water, Breathing, Exercise


Most people have parasites and we are all exposed continually to chemical toxicity.  There are many fine programs that will support you of banishing these unwanted guests in your body.  I offer several in my office.  One is for the upper GI tract and one for the lower GI tract.  Works great and should be done every six months and for a week after eating sushi.