NHC Wellness Plan

Natural Health Centre’s – Whole Body Wellness Plan: ~ “Nutrition Rules Your Health”

Optimal health is multi-faceted.  It depends upon bringing many systems into balance.  Your Inner Physician orchestrates millions of cells each day to maintain your health and well-being.  More important than ever is our concern over obtaining the nutrients we require from our diet each day.  We have inherited pre-dispositions, imbalances and toxicity to deal with.

Gathering your information is the first step in putting a plan into action that will help you  regain your optimal health and keep it that way.  Come join me on your journey to optimal health and wellness.

Aspects of a Healthy Diet & Lifestyle:

  • Nutritional Diet ~ Eating the best foods for your Genetic Type
  • pH keeps your body in a healthy state
  • Adequate Water to cleanse and hydrate
  • Health Mind / Healthy Digestion / Healthy Body
  • Fiber & Detoxification to support healthy elimination and to remove toxins
  • Endocrine Hormones
  • Healthy, quality supplements
  • Exercise to keep lymph flowing
  • Deep breathing to oxygenate your cells, body and help with focus and energy
  • Thoughts are Things ~ Emotions effect your health and can be responsible for 85 % of all disease ~ Relax
  • Passion
  • Healthy, fulfilling relationships


Nutritional Diet:When you eat foods that do not agree with you – even though they seem to be healthy foods, your body wages a war to eliminate that food from your body. Vital energy is lost in naturally keeping your body healthy. The Genetic Typing Food Plan provides you with a list of foods that your body regards as medicine and those it regards as toxins. There are many neutral foods as well for you to enjoy. This program is further specialized to any imbalances or concerns which may be happening in your body, i.e. gluten sensitivity, blood sugar and blood pressure issues, weight management, etc.

pH: Our body is made up of varying pH ranges necessary to do the job in keeping us healthy. By initially testing the pH of your saliva and your urine you are provided with a picture of how your body is doing.

Think of pH this way… If you ever had a fish tank you had to test the pH of the water. If the water was too acidic green slime would grow on the edges and less oxygen would be in the water – and the fish would die. Too high of an alkalinity produces other problems.

Or, have you had a Jacuzzi / Spa or swimming pool? Well the same thing happens; if the pH is off it looks green and slimy or murky – not very inviting or healthy.

Your body is no different. Too high of an acidic condition invites disease; too alkaline the same. Balance is important – and that is part of what I teach you to monitor it for optimal health!

Adequate Water to cleanse and hydrate:  The electrical conductivity of your body depends upon proper hydration.  You are an energetic body and that energy is what sparks your body to function optimally.  Drinking ½ your weight in ounces of water (water, herbal teas, lemon/lime water/tea, green drinks, shakes, soups, etc. keeps your body vital and healthy.  If you weigh 150 lbs., requires 75 ounces of water.  Detoxification depends upon your body being adequately hydrated.

Planning your hydration can be challenging ~ you need a plan.  Drink 16 ounces of lemon/lime water or herbal tea upon arising.   This cleanses your body from your body cleansing during sleep.  Then drink another 16 oz. of liquid to hydrate.  I know it sounds like a lot, yet it is really easy to do first thing in the morning.

Eat a healthy breakfast and two hours later drink another portion of liquid.  Lunch is next followed by another drink two hours later.  Eat dinner and again two hours later have a relaxing tea to prepare yourself for bed.  It is best to only drink ½ cup of liquid with meals as it deters from proper digestion.

I don’t recommend drinking juice as it is too much of a sugar assault on your pancreas.  If you want orange juice and it is on you Genetic food list simply peel the orange and put it in the blender with 1 cup of water and stevia or xylitol to taste.  This provides the fiber in the fruit as well which keeps your blood sugar even.

If you plan it, you will do it.  It is one of the keys, along with fiber to optimal health.

Health Mind / Healthy Digestion / Healthy Body:   Most have heard the saying that health begins in the colon (intestines) and this is often true.  For years I counseled couples and individuals, which I no longer do.  I found that often by correcting someone’s diet and checking on any deficiencies I could greatly help with depression and anxiety, frustration and overwhelm.  When digestion is compromised ~ and many of us are born this way ~ we can have challenging emotional problems, learning disabilities, etc.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Amino acids can support the person in regaining a happy disposition.  Heavy metal detox and regular detoxification can greatly improve focusing and your general health.

Fiber & Detoxification:  It is best to get 25 – 50 grams of fiber a day.  Total fiber grams are subtracted from total carbohydrates to obtain net carbs.  Fiber keeps your body cleansed.  You should have 2 – 3 bowel movements per day or metabolism is slow.  In this case it is either not enough fiber or a low thyroid which affects your total body metabolism.

Heavy Metals, chemicals, pesticides, additives, parasites, unclean water and air, etc. compromise your immune system.  Just during the 1990’s it was said that there were more toxins released into our air and food and environment than all other times combined.  Our bodies are not meant to adequately handle this toxic load.

Everyone should do a full body detox at least one time per year.  Every six months a liver cleanse should be done along with a parasite cleanse ~ everyone has them……

I have several detoxification programs I recommend.  The liver cleanse is one of them and is outlined in the section on Detoxification.  Other detox programs are herbal or homeopathic based.  This will be part of your overall program we will put together for you.

Endocrine Hormones:  Adrenals, thyroid, sex hormones ~ these are often out of balance in most of my clients.  You cannot separate the parts from the whole.  For instance, if you are taking a thyroid supplement without cleansing your liver, you are not addressing the real problem.  The active form of thyroid hormone is created in your liver ~ not your thyroid!  And if the liver is toxic it often cannot make T3.  And often if the liver is toxic, yet can make T3, then it can convert it to RT3, which reverses it and turns it OFF.  Yet, most often only TSH is tested for your thyroid when so much more really should be tested.  TSH is made in the pituitary and is sent to the thyroid to make T4 to be sent to the liver to make T3.

Thyroid is responsible for the Metabolism of your whole body ~ not just your thyroid.  Most people do not understand this.  And if you take thyroid supplements/prescriptions and your adrenals are compromised, that won’t work well either.  They are all connected.

The question to ask is why is your thyroid compromised; why are your adrenal glands compromised; why are your sexual hormones compromised?  When women go through menopause, the adrenals take over hormone production.  With almost everyone stressed in our society, how well do you think this works?

There are many causes of hormonal imbalances.  Heavy Metals, inherited predispositions, stress, toxicity in our environment.

Estrogen dominance causes weight gain and extra weight creates estrogen.  Men can be estrogen dominant too.  This causes “man boobs”, hair loss, weight gain and emotional imbalances, so it is not only a woman’s concern.  Excess estrogen of the wrong type is implicated in cancer.

Using a Saliva Hormone Test can assess these endocrine hormones.  Blood tests for hormones assess bound and unbound hormones.  90% of bound hormones are what is tested and they are already used.  10% are unbound and these are the vital hormones.  Blood tests cannot separate bound from unbound, so what are you testing.  Saliva hormones only test unbound, so it is clearly the optimal way to test.

I highly recommend homeopathics to balance hormonal production as it teaches your body to create hormones.  BioIdentical hormones “replace” your hormonal production and shut it down, so I do not recommend them.

Healthy, Quality Supplements:  Over 90% of the products on the market have fillers, excipients, are owned by pharmaceutical companies or have toxins in them.  For years I did not sell supplements, yet when I started testing what my clients were taking, they came up toxic on EDS and obviously were not helping my clients.  Now I have several lines of high quality supplements to support my clients.  No fillers or excipients, no magnesium stearate or titanium dioxide under other ingredients to compromise your intestines ~ this is one of the signs of an inferior supplement.  I have a vast range of homeopathics, herbals, tinctures and natural whole food supplements.  My clients matter to me ~ they deserve the very best I can offer.

Exercise & Lymph Movement:  People either exercise too much or not at all.  Some love to exercise, others simply don’t.  Metabolism can be a factor.  The best exercise is walking / sprinting fast for one minute followed by walking for 4 minutes.  Repeat 4 times for a total exercise time of 20 minutes three times per week ~ daily is better.  This provides more energy and weight loss to your body without stressing the adrenal glands.

Lymph is only engaged with deep breathing and exercise as it has no motor.  The muscles have the heart to pump blood, yet there is no pump for the lymph, so we have to move to get the lymph going.  Dancing is a great way to move your lymph; so if you can’t get out and exercise, simply turn on the music and dance.  I promise you will feel better.

I had an amazing nana.  She had polio when her children were 12, 10, 8 and 6 ~ can you imagine?  Her 12 year old daughter contacted polio first and ended up with a hump back.  Then she got it and it paralyzed her from the waist down and initially on the left upper side as well, which she regained through setting strong goals.  Point is that she always loved to dance.  As a teen, when I would go to her home to help her, I would often find her dancing in her wheelchair to rock n roll music – what a lesson to me and how much fun she gifted herself regardless of her paralyzed legs. Don’t let anything hold you down!

Deep breathing:  Actually opens up and moves your lymph as well as oxygenates your cells and cleanses your body.  It calms you and helps you focus.

Thoughts are Things:  “As a wo/man thinkith, so is s/he.”  You have heard that saying and it is so true.  We define ourselves by our thoughts.  We create our reality by our thoughts.  We forge ahead if you are positive and hold ourselves back if we are negative.  85% of all disease is caused by negative emotions ~ Stress!  Take some time to take care of yourself.  We only have this life that we are truly conscious about – so make each day a great day and simply do your best.  Your cells will love you for it.

Passion:  You can’t be happy and sad at the same time.  Easy choice – be happy.  Yet, we sadly live in a negative world and are surrounded by negative media and people.  Make a conscious choice to surround yourself with positive people, chose a vocation that you love and find a passion that makes you lose track of time.  Be out in nature and appreciate the little things in life that truly matter.  Just do it ~ you deserve it.

Healthy Relationships:  Don’t settle for unhappy relationships ~ with yourself or with others.  Sometimes we have to re-parent our self because we were not taught to love our self.  That is important so we can love and be with others.  Surround yourself with people who are positive, who have dreams, goals and are fun to be around.  Be an example.

My Commitment to You:

Your health is your most important asset! It is critical to take good care of yourself – NOW for Later – NOT LATER! In becoming your health care practitioner, I commit to offering the best service and products to support you on your life long journey in staying healthy and happy.

I love discovering and learning new things.  While this is a passion for me, it also provides my clients with the latest modalities and procedures by which to initially bring them back into a healthy balance with a comprehensive plan to stay that way!

I design a program especially for you to address your needs – and my clients love it – because it works.

Remember, you clean and service your car, repair your homes, yet many often forget to take good care of themselves – or just don’t know how. That’s where I can help ~ give me a call and we will get started!

NHC Wellness Plan is designed for you:

The first session is two hours and we address the following:

  • Evaluate Intake Forms
  • Meridian Screening using Electro-Dermal Screening (bring in your current supplements)
  • Genetic Typing for most beneficial diet.
  • Order Heavy Metals & Minerals, Blood Test, Saliva Test
  • Set up your personalized program for what you wish to attain

One month later ~ one hour session:

  • Review previous month’s progress
  • Evaluate Heavy Metals Test, Blood Test and Saliva Hormone Test

One month later ~ one hour session:

  • Plan Detox / Cleanse Program
  • Set up targeted goals for your health program


Additional programs offered:

  1. Adrenal Test (is tested with Saliva Hormone Test or can be ordered separately)
  2. Allergy & Food Sensitivity Screening ~EDS
  3. Additional Meridian Support
  4. BioRegulation Technology Sessions – Amazing
  5. iMRS PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Mat sessions
  6. Life Coaching ~ Meditation Program
  7. Weight Loss Designed for YOU!
  8. Non-Smoking Program
  9. Alcohol Minimization Program
  10. Massage / Aromatherapy with Raz


Naturopathic Key Principles:

The practice of naturopathy is based on six key principles:

  1. Promote the healing power of nature.
  2. First do no harm. Naturopathic practitioners choose therapies with the intent to keep harmful side effects to a minimum and not suppress symptoms.
  3. Treat the whole person. Practitioners believe a person’s health is affected by many factors, such as physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, and social ones. Practitioners consider all these factors when choosing therapies and tailor treatment to each patient.
  4. Treat the cause. Practitioners seek to identify and treat the causes of a disease or condition, rather than its symptoms. They believe that symptoms are signs that the body is trying to fight disease, adapt to it, or recover from it.
  5. Prevention is the best cure. Practitioners teach ways of living that they consider most healthy and most likely to prevent illness.
  6. The physician is a teacher. Practitioners consider it important to educate their patients in taking responsibility for their own health.


Mind/Body Health:

It is important to bring the body back into balance so it can use its innate sense of wisdom to heal. Knowing what the possible cause is behind a physical or mental problem is the key to solving the problem. The cause of most disease is toxicity, molds, parasites, heavy metals, diet and/or emotional stress. Heredity can also be a factor, yet most illnesses have a lot to do with the diet we learn to eat from our family.

  • Working with the whole body is important. You truly cannot separate the parts from the whole.
  • There are psychological issues, yet you create 70% of your serotonin in your intestines and many other neurotransmitters are created in your body and not all in the brain as previously thought.
  • You conjugate hormones in your liver. (Some are on their way out, some are recirculated.)
  • Your adrenals make hormones when the ovaries stop.
  • T3, your main thyroid hormone is made in your liver. When TSH is high or low it is not a thyroid problem; it is a pituitary problem.
  • Excess weight has many causes, not just overeating – if the liver, adrenals or pancreas are not working properly you will not lose weight. Stress creates dis-ease as well as weight gain. Toxins create weight to off-load your body.
  • How you feel about yourself plays an important role in your overall health as well. So I find it critical to address the whole Mind/Body in bringing the person back into balance.
  • And the list goes on…

“I welcome you to my practice.  It is my privilege to work for and with you.”

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