Electro-Dermal Meridian Screening & Testing

Energy Medicine: Many Modalities

With EDS, I test your meridian points to access organs and systems conductivity of the body. I can also screen your supplements against the allergy point to determine if they are beneficial for you. By screening a supplement on the meridian it is supposed to help also provides information as to whether it will be supportive or detrimental to your healing. This technique provides a myriad of information to provide optimal health for my clients. The result also helps you to know what supplements to purchase that will help you as well as the optimal amount of the supplement to take. This way you only purchase the supplements that will work for you and not those that will not.

With the EDS Wavemaker Pro system I screen your meridians and it provides information as to which systems are out of balance. ie. Lymph, circulation, hormonal, liver/gall bladder, small and large intestines, nervous system, etc. A program is instituted to help you regain health by using homeopathics, nutritional products and detoxing if necessary.

My program includes EDS screening (electrodermal allergy testing) for food allergies and helps to pinpoint any imbalances in your system needing correction. This program is rewarding because it is easy and it works!

When I received my first EDS system I tested my supplements and 6 out of 8 I was allergic to. How can you get healthy ingesting supplements that you are allergic to and are toxic to your system? Dr. Darrell See, MD Endocrinologist of UC Irvine, did a study with over 200 supplements and found that 97% were toxic. I have found typically 50 – 75% of what my clients bring in to be in this category. Testing your supplements and purchasing the ones that will work for you saves you money and supports your health.

At The Natural Health Centre, I use the WaveMaker Pro device to effectively balance out all types of allergies, including food sensitivities.  Intolerances are part of your DNA and this is where Genetic Typing is vitally helpful. The WM Pro is a German machine and offers my clients many programs to enhance body systems and balance out others.

New methods are evolving all the time, which move us closer to the goal of individualized treatment. One such method, BIORESONANCE, also known as BRT, practiced mostly in Germany for 15 years, can be used to work with a wide range of disorders.

Central to its application is the idea that all life is made of energy. Although humans tend to think of themselves as relatively solid creatures, we are actually just a mass of compressed energy. We emit our own electromagnetic fields and, as with all things, we each have our own unique “vibration”, or oscillation. This oscillation can easily be measured with electronic equipment. When we are healthy, our bodies produce a smooth, regular oscillation. When the body is under stress, the pattern becomes jagged and irregular.

There has been a lot of recent media coverage on exposure to electromagnetic fields causing illness by altering the body’s own electric “chemistry”. However, practitioners of bio-resonance believe that the reverse is also true; healthy electrical signals transmitted into the body, in this case via hand-held electrodes, can re-harmonize it. In common with homoeopathy and acupuncture, bio-resonance aims to relieve the body of stress factors and improve its regulatory systems.

According to naturopath Reinhold Will, one of the most experienced practitioners of bio-resonance in the UK, “The patient’s energy usually has two paths: the physiological and the pathological. The healthy, physiological part comes from those organs and tissues which are in order, and we can use the oscillations of these to strengthen the body. The pathological part can come from either those organs or tissues which are dysfunctional or from substances, like allergens and toxins, which are stored in the body and emit their own oscillations. These pathological oscillations can disturb the healthy oscillations in the rest of the body and, in extreme cases, can become the dominant energy in the body.”

The balancing of pathological oscillations is to return them back to the body in a modified form- in this case, as a mirror image. This action is based on the principle, as well known in physics, that oscillations are influenced by their exact mirror image. Returning the oscillation to the patient in this modified form can diminish, or even eliminate, the pathological oscillations of the allergen or toxin, allowing the body’s own healthy oscillations to become dominant.

These returning oscillations help to balance the patient electromagnetically, and are again fed into the WM Pro device for further analysis. The process is repeated constantly in fractions of a second. The pathological signals in the body are consequently reduced and finally balanced so the body can eliminate them, and the physiological endogenous regulatory forces can regulate the biological process unhindered.

According to Mr. Will, the word “resonance” is the key to the therapy’s clinical success. It also provides clues as to why some people sting the oscillations of the remedy before hand.”

Mr. Will cites an uncomplicated case of a 12-year old boy who experienced asthma attacks and skin rashes during swimming lessons. Testing revealed that these were caused by the chlorinated water in the pool. The boy was first given basic therapy using his own healthy oscillations – the aim of which was to strengthen his body for the next phase of balancing. Next, the oscillations from the pool water were returned to the boy in their inverted form. The allergy was balanced out and the boy was able to rejoin his class.

Mr. Will also reports remarkable success with adults with more complex problems, such us multiple chemical sensitivity. With meticulous history taking, practitioners of bio-resonance can, he says, tackle any illness, although the system, like all others, does have its limits. Once something is gone, for instance cartilage which has degenerated, we can’t bring it back. Also, in many cases changes in diet and lifestyle change will be necessary and the balancing should be combined with other supportive therapies, such as homeoopathy, detoxification, proper diet.

In Germany there are about 3,000 practitioners of bio-resonance. In the UK there are less than 100. The WM Pro integrates the best aspects of alternative medicine, with its emphasis on history taking, working with the individual, the principles of energy medicine and advanced technology.

It’s a therapy to keep your eye on, and according to Reinhold Will it is even more than that: “Is it the future of medicine? Yes, absolutely!”

Ten guiding principles for understanding bioresonance therapy (BRT)

1. In and around the human body there are electromagnetic oscillations. These electromagnetic oscillations are superordinate to the biochemical processes and control them. Cell associations (symplasms) and organs oscillate in particular frequency ranges. An oscillation spectrum thus arises in the organism.
2. As well as the physiological electromagnetic oscillations, there are also pathological interfering oscillations in every person, caused for example by toxin loads, injuries, infections, incompletely cured diseases, iatrogenic damage.
3. The physiological and pathological oscillations together are referred to as the patient’s own oscillations.
4. The patient’s own oscillations can be picked up from the surface of the body (antenna effect) and conducted through a lead into a therapy device.
5. Therapy oscillations are made from the patient’s own oscillations with the aid of modern electronics (WaveMaker Pro device), without adding other or technically generated frequencies.
6. The patient’s own oscillations transformed into therapy oscillations are fed back from the WM Pro device to the patient’s body. The therapeutic effect does not take place in the therapy device but in the body of the patient himself.
7. The therapy oscillations cause a therapeutic effect in the patient’s body firstly by suppressing or reducing the pathological oscillations and secondly by exciting or strengthening the physiological oscillations.
8. The aim of bioresonance is to reduce or eliminate the pathological oscillations and at the same time strengthen the physiological oscillations.
9. Improvements at the biophysical energy level are followed in time by an improvement in the biochemical processes in the direction of normalization or healing.
10. The principal aim of bioresonance therapy is to activate the endogenous regulatory forces and free them of the interfering, pathological influences to the extent necessary for a return to health.

At the NATURAL HEALTH CENTRE, I address the cause of the problem and not the put a bandaid on the symptoms. I can screen for allergens and toxins, (molds, fungus, chemicals, foods), viruses, bacteria, parasites, childhood vaccinations and diseases, heavy metals, and I can check your own supplements against your allergy meridian and the meridian it is supposed to help to see if it actually does. I can tell you how many of a supplement will balance a meridian for optimal health restoration. There is a very effective NON-Smoking Program and an Alcohol Minimization Program that my clients have had wonderful success with.

I do not diagnose or treat as that is what MD’s do. I simply check for resonance and help your body use its’ innate sense of wisdom to heal once the body is balanced. The WM Pro bio-resonance device can be used to balance pathological oscillations, and enhance the healthy ones. The treatment of pathological oscillations is to return them back to the body in a modified form- in this case, as a mirror image. This action is based on the principle, as well known in physics, that oscillations are influenced by their exact mirror image. Returning the oscillation to the patient in this modified form can diminish, or balance out, the pathological oscillations of the allergen or toxin, allowing the body’s own healthy oscillations to become dominant.


I have a variety of systems which are either endogenous or exogenous, which means they either give energy frequencies to the body to use its innate sense of wisdom to heal or they give and take energies in balancing aiding your system to balance itself in a more intensive and therapeutic manner.

Fractals and Mobil Devices are the entry level devices.  They have to do with hormones, sleep, exercise, sedentary conditions – office work, electro-smog and more.  The Fractal systems each have 32 programs.

The LuxPro is a has about 132 programs and is much like the Fractal systems, yet offer more.

The SanyoCenter is a system for hospitals and clinics where one may want to work with many clients at the same time.

The CellCom is the top of the line and has over 500 programs.


This system is also a German energy system.  It works on many levels to assess emotional and physical issues on many levels: Spiritual, Energetic, Mental and Informational.  It corresponds with your body to focus upon any imbalances and balance them.  It does not cure or treat.  This is an informational energetic system, which works well at identifying issues which seem to be out of balance in the four realms mentioned above.

My favorite part of the system identifies emotional issues, causes and resolutions and is amazingly accurate.  Other section focuses upon the body physical systems and portrays a level of imbalance percentage wise in the body organ or system.

I had an MD in recently and she was truly amazed at how accurate the system was.  She was keying in on psychological issues and it was an “eye opener” to her how it picked up what she had been challenged with her whole life.


Another German device which is an Intellilgent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Device.

See this in a section dedicated to this system.  Call for a free 30 minute session.

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