Mind/Body/Spirit Health, Natural Wellness Plan:

Working with the whole body is important. You truly cannot separate the parts from the whole.

  • There are psychological issues, yet you create many neurotransmitters in your gut.
  • You conjugate hormones in your liver.
  • Your adrenals make progesterone when the ovaries stop.
  • If your thyroid is low you need to check why – is it the pituitary, the adrenals, the liver not making T3 out of T4.
  • Excess weight has many causes, not just overeating, (heavy metal toxicity, adrenal stress, emotional stress, insulin resistance, thyroid – low metabolism issues, eating the wrong foods, allergies, toxicity, hormonal issues, supplement imbalances, etc.)
  • Stress creates disease. How you feel about yourself and what you think about play important parts in your overall health. (Thoughts are Things!)
  • Diet and pH rule your world. (What happens when a swimming pool or fish tank is not at its optimal pH balance? – the same thing happens in your terrain as well.)

So I find it critical to address the whole Mind/Body/Spirit in bringing the person back into balance. I design a natural wellness plan especially for you to address your needs – any my clients love it.

Finding the cause of dis-ease in your body:

There are many things to consider and questions to ask in the process of finding the cause:

1. Is your body out of balance due to a deficiency? Is it a supplement, not enough sleep, your environment, or other conditions?
2. Do you have a primary or delayed food sensitivity or substance sensitivity that is making your situation worse?
3. Will a detoxification program help your condition? Would it support you to do a whole body detox, heavy metals detox, parasite elimination program, or reconsider an emotional relationship?
4. Is there a neurological issue or thought pattern that keeps you sick? Could it be anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, O/C, Stress related, Getting attention by being sick?
5. Is there an interferance field that is short-circuiting the autonomic nervous system and is keeping you from moving forward? These can be scars or any body trauma which has caused a blockage.

I work with each client from a Whole MInd/Body/Spirit approach and some or all of the above questions provide a tool for finding the cause of the issue.

Thinking positively and using the Power of Intention are also critical factors in regaining your health. Thoughts are Things as are Feelings and they are powerful in creating our reality.

You are an integral part of our team to work toward resolution of your issue. Communication, even concerning seemingly unimportant issues you have experienced can become vital data in providing a solution to your situation. I look forward to working with you!

NCS Whole Body Health Program, Natural Wellness Plan:

I designed an overall Natural Customized System (Natural Wellness Plan) to bring you optimal health. The program consists of the following, although it is further customized based upon your requirements.

Basic Program Overview: ( Four Office Visits)

Visit # 1: Intake Evaluation & Meridian Screening (EDS) (bring in your current supplements), Order Heavy Metals & Minerals & Blood Test – 2 hours
Visit # 2: Genetic typing & Nutritional Plan, Detox / Cleanse Program – 1 hour
Visit #3: Evaluate Heavy Metals Test & Blood Test – 1 hour
Visit #4: One month later – follow up visit – 1 hour

Additional programs offered:

1. Saliva Hormone or Adrenal Test
2. Allergy & Food Sensitivity Screening
3. Additional Meridian Support
4. Laser Program
5. Life Coaching
6. Meditation Program
7. Weight Loss Designed for YOU !
8. Non-Smoking Program
9. Alcohol Minimization Program
10. Massage / Aromatherapy

My promise to you:

My practice will always continue to grow and I will continue to offer the best products and systems for my clients. I love learning and while this is fun for me, it also provides my clients with the latest modalities and procedures by which to bring them back into a healthy balance.