About Me

Nancey Kinney

PhDc, Naturopath, CNC, Energy Medicine, Massage Therapist, MA Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Spirituality


PhD Candidate: in process
Naturopathic Practitioner:
California College of Natural Medicine
CNC (Certified Nutritional Consultant):
Quantum Nutritionist:
Cert. EEG Neurofeedback:
BCIA (Biofeedback Cert. Institute of America)
Cert. Homeopathic Endocrinology:
California College of Natural Health
Cert. Homotoxicology:
Massage Therapist / Aromatherapy:
Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy
MA in Counseling Psychology & Spirituality:
University of Santa Monica
BA/BS in Business Administration:
Redland’s University


I grew up in New England on home cooked meals and my dad had a fabulous garden and several bee hives

Sadly, mercury fillings were the norm and I became mercury toxic. At age 25 I had the mercury removed and replaced by crowns, which were lined with metal – more toxic metals in my mouth. Metal toxicity affects how your whole body works. Years later I had them replace with pure porcelain ~ no metals underneath.  I did a detox program and felt more focused. Heavy metals store in your organs and interrupt the functionality of those organs.

I got married at 19 and had we had our first daughter, followed by another daughter 6 years later.

Employment History:

I joined Bell Labs initially as a draftsperson, then Designer, followed by managing the computer aided design center.  I took classes in engineering, design, Boolean math and logic, and fun subjects at local colleges.

At 30 I moved to Southern California as a Vice President of Marketing and Sales to establish a software engineering corporation, In 6 years, I increased the income by 4 million.  My business partner had experimented with asbestos as a teen and came down with terminal lung cancer at 43. I went with him to EEG Neurofeedback classes where we learned to use our mind to change our body. His prognosis was “3 months” and he lived another 2 ½ years. Meditation classes also helped. A chain of events happened and sadly he passed away and the business was closed.

I was hired as a Manager of Engineering Software for a Computer Graphics Company in San Diego and the next year was promoted to Director of Product Marketing and grew my department from 3 to 15 people. After two years, even though I was successful, I was not happy and resigned.

I was then hired as a Sales Engineer at a computer graphics company in Laguna Hills and soon was ranked number 2 nationally selling to the Navy, McDonnell Douglas, and Boeing, etc., yet this too was not my passion.


I enrolled in classes to complete my BA/BS in Business & Administration from the Univ. of Redlands, then I enrolled at the Univ. of Santa Monica to attain an MA in Counseling Psychology with a Spiritual emphasis.

Counseling, Nutrition and Alternative Health:

From 1994 to 2007 I counseled clients, (individuals, couples, children, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and depression), using many modalities. I am certified in EEG Neurofeedback and was employed part time in a brain injury and stroke clinic doing EEG Neurofeedback on 15 – 24 patients a day.

I took Standard Process’ Nutritional program, then Apex Energetic’s programs and learned that nutritional products could mediate many conditions along with a wholesome diet. I took classes in Therapeutic Touch and trained with a German Naturopath in BioResonance Therapy. I purchased a German Energy Medicine machine.  I enrolled in classes in homeopathy, homo-toxicology, the Chinese 5 Elements and Meridians, and the emotional components of the organs and miasms – fascinating.

Enthralled with Energy Medicine and with helping the body to heal itself naturally, I enrolled at the California College of Natural Medicine in Santa Barbara in 2000 to obtain a Naturopathic Practitioner degree.  I also earned a certification in Homeopathic Endocrinology to focus upon hormones and balancing the endocrine system without the trauma of HRT or Bio-Identical Hormones – truly NOT a good solution for women.

In 2007 I dropped my psychology practice to focus on Natural Health to balance the body.  Diet, nutrition, amino acids and energy medicine worked well to bring about balance.  My full focus was on being a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Energy Medicine Practitioner.  I had finally found my passion.

Hormonal Issues

I had a complete hysterectomy in 1992. My MD said my body would not make adequate estrogen, and that I would prematurely age, so he put me on the patch, which made me feel funny so I intuitively threw it away after 4 months.  I also gained weight on the patch.

HRT would later be implicated in causing cancer in many women. Five years later, in 1997, I went to a Holistic MD and he would only do a blood hormone test even though I asked for a Saliva hormone test. My test came back with very high estrogen and very, very low Progesterone. Estrogen dominance is known to be implicated in causing cancer – something my mom died of… How did my estrogen get so high when most MD’s out there seem to believe that if you have no ovaries – you have little or no estrogen. And I had taken nothing for 5 years. Another MYTH debunked.

I was put on Bio-Identical hormones made “especially for me” from a compounding pharmacy – that was supposed to make me feel better – yet I was already feeling fine.

During the next three months I gained 30 pounds – yikes – the doctor said I was eating more – NO I wasn’t – it was the “special formula”. Research states that about 1/3 of the women gain weight on Bio-Identical hormones. So I put the cream in a drawer and later tested it on my BioResonance system and it was toxic to me – affecting my main endocrine meridians.

Two more years passed without any hormone therapy. While attending the California College of Natural Medicine, I learned about Homeopathic Endocrinology and did a saliva hormone test. Amazingly, my estrogen was still quite high and my Progesterone was extremely high from taking the Bio-Identical hormones two years ago for four months!!  My Progesterone, which had originally been too low at 25, was now well over 1200! The normal range is 25 -95 for my age.  I took homeopathic formulas for four months and retested. The results were amazing – my estrogen was almost in the normal range and my progesterone was just over 100!  I was sold.

Homeopathics balance: If your hormones are too high or too low it teaches your body to balance them naturally. Homeopathics teach your body what to do – what a concept.

BioIdentical hormones add to your hormones, shutting off your body’s ability to make your own, whereas homeopathic hormones teach your body to make or reduce hormones as necessary – amazing – the body really is brilliant!

This is one of the programs I offer in my office and it has literally rescued many women. It has helped women become pregnant, calmed PMS symptoms, stopped heavy and lengthy menstruation, hot flashes and more.  Detoxification is also important with imbalanced hormones.

It is still important to get your regular paps and do thermography (instead of mammography) and to see your medical doctor if you suspect something is wrong. I do refer to MD’s in the area who are educated in natural health approaches.


I started practicing as a Naturopath in 2001 and for many years previous had incorporated nutrition and many other modalities into my practice. Amino acids help to balance brain chemistry, as does addressing the endocrine system and the intestinal tract. My training as a Counselor has helped me understand how to more effectively work with the whole mind/body to bring about wellness. I do Heavy Metal & Mineral Analysis (my favorite), and evaluate blood tests from a functional basis. I have weight loss programs which are designed specifically for each client, some of which incorporate the hCG homeopathic and detoxification. I teach diet and nutrition, pH, plus so much more.

I earned a Certification in Massage and work with Aromatherapy / Essential Oils. I offer an array of supplements, homeopathics and detox remedies for my clients to select from.

I do Genetic Typing to provide the best diet for my clients.  While on the program my clients report that symptoms are eliminated, they are more focused and lose weight easily.  This is a superb foundational plan to bring back optimal health as well.

My Commitment to You

Your health is your most important asset! It is critical to take good care of yourself – now. In becoming your health care practitioner, I commit to offering the best service and products to support you on your life long journey in staying healthy and happy.

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